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    Noob Banner Question

    Once a banner is equipped, is there any fast way to switch to herald other than unequipping a banner?

    And if there isn't, is there a quick way of unequipping the banner itself lol? I realize you can slot the banner to quickly switch to it, but what about the other way around/

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Noob Banner Question

    Switch to your Armaments - that will unequip the Standard (you can drag the Armament to your quickslots).

    You can probably setup a macro (don't know much about them myself) that will equip your Armament and summon your Herald - you can use that button instead of the actual Herald button.
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    Re: Noob Banner Question

    You can drag both banners and herald armaments onto the quickslot skill bars. Just click on the armaments to be able followed by the summon herald skill (hope victory or war) and you will start to summon your herald. (assuming you are out of combat as you can never summon in combat)
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    Re: Noob Banner Question

    ah cool thanks a lot guys



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