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    Oathbreakers Shame & Master of Oaths

    Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to change the legendary capstone for LoM to include a buff to Oathbreakers Shame?
    Something like +duration or +% damage in addition to its current effects because the LoM capstone atm is pretty weak for a capstone =\

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    Re: Oathbreakers Shame & Master of Oaths

    +30% damage is pretty strong to begin with - I think the suggestion might overpower OS.
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    Re: Oathbreakers Shame & Master of Oaths

    Maybe, but look at what you give up when you go LoM.

    One idea I had back in MoM beta was that you should be able to summon heralds in combat with 5/5 in LoM and when you have the Oathbreaker herald out it puts a fear debuff on mobs, which IIRC the Oathbreaker from the FM does.
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