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Thread: Reaver Traits?

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    Reaver Traits?

    I was wondering how other reavers set up their traits... Mine is only rank3, but I was curious whats the best way to go...

    I like to run around alone or with in a duo or very small group, but also get in full raids too...

    Right now I have Health for Power I&II, Damage For Power I&II, Damage for Health II, and Critical Protection I (gotta be R4 to get II).
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    Re: Reaver Traits?

    For corruptions, I run Critical Protection 1 & 2, Health for Power 1 & 2, Damage for Power 2, Health for Damage 2. I am rank 7. I raid 2-3 nights a week and solo during the afternoons.

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    Re: Reaver Traits?

    I like: DfP 1&2, HfP 1&2 HfD 2 and Crit Prot 2

    This build has worked well for me as a 99% solo reaver. With the r7 racial you have 8900 morale and still do decent damage.
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    Re: Reaver Traits?

    3 damage and 3 health your reaver should sit around 7k imo ya cant mis with this build
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