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    Bullroarer Download

    Can you download Bullroarer if your not in Beta? I saw a link on one of the other threads to go to the support page and search bullroarer and you can find it there. I did this and found some old links to download it but they don't work. Said something like the file is not on the server anymore when I try to start downloading. I've spent the past half hour searching all lotro pages and the forums looking and I can't find it. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Bullroarer Download

    Searching the Support DB just now I came up with this link: http://cdn.content.turbine.com/sites.../lotrohigh.exe <- this one works, I used it to download and patch Bullroarer in the off chance I get an invite.

    Path to search: lotro.com -> Support -> General Support -> Search for "bullroarer client"

    first result is "What is Bullroarer" - that article has the link I pasted above.

    NOTE: This download uses Panda Media Booster, a third party download acceleration app (non bittorrent peer to peer). PMB will be installed when you run the downloader - you can uninstall it after you have downloaded Bullroarer with no ill consequences (as it isn't used for the client update process).
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    Re: Bullroarer Download

    Thanks a ton. Not sure how I missed it- end of the day I must be tired haha. I think my problem was I searched for just bullroarer and not bullroarer client.

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    Re: Bullroarer Download

    Quote Originally Posted by Gspawn26 View Post
    Ok so just the patch for bullroarer is over 10G? I may as well do a fresh install. Do i need all 10g?
    It isn't a patch. It is a complete separate install. You end up with 2 installations on your system afterwards. Just make sure you install it in a separate folder!



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