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    Re: Feedback: New Player Tips for Captains

    Tell your fellowship that most of your effective healing comes in response to a monster dieing, so they should kill off the weakest monsters first when they want your healing. Likewise a weak monster kill early in the fight also means you buff-up everyone's attack damage with your other cry.

    Put your Herald Attack skill within easy finger-reach or bound to mouse button. At lower levels it can be useful to quickly move him around to keep monsters from hitting the squishier members of your team. Herald damage is very low. He is better as an expendable tank. If the herald dies, quickly switch-to/plant your Banner. For instance, all monsters quickly figure out if your fellowship has a healer. Any monster that is not strongly-drawn to attack a fellow will want to attack your healer. You can use your herald to occupy at least 1 of the monsters so it is less likely to go after your healer.

    Revealing Mark is almost always better than Telling Mark. The healing can be a life-safer. Telling mark is great when you have 5 or more hunters and melee attackers hitting the same Mark. This will usually only happen in a large raid and if you are lucky you have two captains for both marks anyway.

    Noble mark is very good at bringing a monster's attention to you. If Revealing Mark is not helping your team stay alive, and a squishy hunter or champion keeps getting himself killed, then use Noble mark to make yourself the tank. It will not pull the monster to you right away, which is usually a good thing as the incoming damage gets spread around a little which you can partially heal up with your first Rally Cry.

    You probably do not want to take the first incoming hits in any battle. You might need that morale up so you can spend it on Words of Courage or Time of Need.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barruktp View Post
    Alternate defensive strike every other skill, so you will not run out of melee skills and be auto-attacking.
    You will find your captain is often running low on power with this strategy. I do not recommend it unless you have the power to burn. Defensive strike is a low damage attack. Nice to have at low level for extra damage. At later levels not so much = just used for the armor buff.
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