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-If the instance/encounter has enough death responces, HoH legendary is useless and rallying cry is awesome!

- 5% increase in War cry trait (Captain of war) means the group can attack 5% faster and the group is doing 5% more dps, use it when its up.
Two things:
First: HoH is always useful. It's extra healing to your Rallying Cry skill. Even if stuff is dying all the time - you'll keep your own power up more thanks to RC's power return, and you'll help everyone else's power more. I spam RC even when health bars are at full.
Second: 5% increase in speed does not translate to a 5% increase in DPS. It's actually more like 2-3% depending on the class, and some classes won't see any benefit. While I do like this trait, there may be more important traits to get.