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    Buying racial traits one already has

    For some reason creeps are allowed to buy racial traits they already have. So if one is sleepy and doesn't watch closely enough, it's possible to spend stones on a trait one already has.

    When you purchase skills and non-racial traits, they disappear from the list of those that are available. Can the racial traits be updated to do the same thing? It's a pain to lose lumies. Thanks.
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    Re: Buying racial traits one already has

    All they need to do is make it so you cant use the item and it shows up as red. The issue with removing it from the list is that its not from the bard, its a barter item, and i don't think theres an exist mechanic to remove an item from a barter list if you already have it. But yes, its annoying and its the same way for tier 2 corruptions.
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    Yup, I've done it accidently not too long ago, due to excitement of having one teal stone and a 2nd given to me for my R5 trait.

    I didn't see the trait on my warg, and was excited to have the 2 teal stones I needed for it. Didn't know I had manged to buy it already. I really had no indication that I already had the trait, except for the fact 'nothing happened' when I read the paper. No text saying I acquired so-n-so a trait.
    Don't make them poof. Just a red outline telling me I have that trait/skill already.
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    Re: Buying racial traits one already has

    Yeah you can do that with the corruptions too. I always thought they should be re-sellable for the purchase items....but ....dang it we don't even have a bank, or a hole in the ground to put our stuff in, so I doubt this is high on the priority list.



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