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    Pack Hunters works.... right?

    I just hit R6 on my warg and was excited to get Pack Hunters, and see that flag up on freeps that I pounce. I figured along with Frenzy and Eye Rake it would help my DPS out a lot. But I quickly noticed that I didn't see a red '23' floating off my targets' heads after each of my hits. So either.... the skill is WAI, and adds 23 damage onto what you do, the skill is working, but does not show the damage, or the skill is bugged and completely worthless. Anyone know which of these is the case? (one of the first 2, I hope)
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    Re: Pack Hunters works.... right?

    It adds on to your dmg, if you hit for 100 normally, you will hit for 123.
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    Re: Pack Hunters works.... right?

    It adds 23 to every single bit of damage (dot ticks included). If it did as you suggested, and did separate -23's credited to the warg, people would realize just how insanely strong this skill is and wargs would rake even more infamy in.
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    Re: Pack Hunters works.... right?

    ...because warg dps needs sooo much help... >.>
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