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This should be required reading for anyone who wants to properly fulfill their role in a group:
While still a nice read, this post greatly undervalues the burglar, which I suspect is because it predates some of the things we can do now.

A modern burg can, with a variety of trait setups, have a LOT more crowd control than the 2 listed skills. It also ignores the very important roles of interrupts and corruption removal -- while burglar is not the best at CR, he is hands down the best at interruption (assuming he has a legendary item.... lower levels, champions are better at this role due to cooldowns). It ignores mischief mode, which allows the burg to reapply riddle.

To update it is complicated though, as it depends on the level of the burglar, his chosen traits, etc, and unfortunately would take a couple of pages of burg details.

So, let me try to keep it short while improving upon whats there.

Before level 51:
The link is more or less correct, and a great guide for lower level players. However note that mid level burglars get mischief mode now, which allows riddle to be reapplied every 30 seconds for 100% lockdown of one enemy.

After level 51:
The burglar gains the ability to reliably mez up to 7 mobs in a pull if traited for it:
1) Aggro, then apply confound to mez 4 of the enemy (traited confound enables this).
2) HIPS, then apply provoke (traited leafwalker enables this).
3) riddle one enemy (always possible to do)
4) Trick/glee one enemy (requires several gambler traits to enable)

The above is almost always overkill, unless soloing an instance. Normally, if a player can keep 2 of his enemy locked down, that is sufficient, and 75% of the time or more, a single enemy kept on lockdown is all that is required. However it does show what the class *can* do if needed.

After level 58:
A feint attack traited burglar with the leafwalker trait, legenday feint attack trait, and a feint attack legendary item can provoke-mez one mob for up to 60 seconds every 15 seconds, for the ability to control 1-2 mobs very effectively using riddle as backup.

Also note that every class now starts a number of conjunctions at random times, making it less of our job and more of a group-wide job. *Every* player should glance at the power/morale bars of the group an at what FM colors have been used so far. For example, if the champ notices that his healer is out of power, he clicks blue if he is first, or if there are 3 greens he adds a blue to encourage pure of heart, etc. Its a group effort to get what is needed from each CJ rather than the older "follow the burg" mentality. The burg, if he can, still does the "follow the burg" approach to encourage the correct FM to be played, but all too often the FM was started by someone else at random and the burg may not even be the first to click a color. Anyway, as a burg, if you can start a FM and lead the group to heal itself or power up etc, then do so as needed. If the enemy is already immune to FM starter skills, or if someone else starts one, its out of your hands, esp if someone already clicked a color.

Other minor things wrong with the document can largely be ignored, for example RK and Hunter can be interchanged for the most part, but RK probably did not exist when it was written. Basically, read it, read my burglar specific updates, and take the data with a large grain of salt due to the age of the document ---- the history of the document speaks for itself, the ONLY change since 2008 is to add one line: Wardens are tanks too.