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    Returning Player Legendary Question

    So I am thinking of coming back to play and get my Hunter to 65. I can't find much on the subject, but what are the best bows for Hunters to use? Are they still First Age? I noticed they have have craftable first agers as well.

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    Re: Returning Player Legendary Question

    It depends on what lvl you are. I used my 1st age until about lvl 63, then wept bitterly when i had to decon it for a 3rd age. There are no lvl 65 1st ages at this point, and the only way to get a 2nd age is to get a symbol of celembrimbor (sp?) so a woodworker can craft you one, in other words, there are no mob drop 2nd ages you could go out and solo grind for. Basically, find a decent 3rd age and be content for a while.

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    Re: Returning Player Legendary Question

    they normalized weapon speeds - all bows/xbows are the same speeds. So basically, for hunters ranaged weapons, level is king, and after that, is age.

    A good rule of thumb (that I tell others) is that a 2nd age is 1 level higher than an equal level 3rd age with the same legacies, and a 1st age is 2 levels higher.

    And that 'great' legacies are worth about another level.

    This is because, mathwise, a 63 third age (at level 22, w/ no legacies) will out-damage on 60 first age (w/ all the fixins') on a parse, using the CStats program to record damage over time for your comparison.

    Hunter legacies just don't have the impact on DPS that other classes get (mixed blessing, it also means we have a much easier time coping w/ bad luck on IDs/levels).

    They also added a 4th rune slot. **IF** you are a SM crafter w/ kindred reputation, you can turn in a weekly quest for a Bind on **ACQUIRE** relic that gives you +390 ranged offense and +390 ranged crit, that only fits in level **65** legendary items.

    Yes, this is an obvious ploy on Turbines part to make everyone craft. Yes, I think it's dumb too. Either way, if you're not a SM/kindred crafter, Turbine wants you to be, so this is more than likely the first of a string of daft moves on their part - suck it up and get on board.

    But what's important to this discussion is that it's an extra OOOMPH in the 65s, besides the obvious listed base damage on the weapons if you compare them side by side, b/c +390 RO and RCrit really trumps whatever else you can put in that slot, by a significant margin of error even CNN iReporters couldn't miss.*
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    Re: Returning Player Legendary Question

    Thanks guys. Kind of crazy how they did it that way. Definitely going to suck trading in my 1st age for a 3rd age



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