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    Legendary Main Hand Weapon Title

    Out of curiosity, what title scroll do you use on your main hand LI? Do you change the damage type, make them a specific foe slayer or both?

    Let me know the thinking behind this decision.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Legendary Main Hand Weapon Title

    I don't raid (which means never entering SG) so for me, Beleriand is king. However, I never did find a main-hand LI that I was happy with so I'm still using the easy-to-come-by Westernesse scroll on it. I would have switched to the more expensive Beleriand + Orc Slayer scroll if I'd found an LI I felt I wouldn't replace at any time. As such, I have Beleriand+Orc on my bow. If you can muster small fellowships often enough you could grab a couple of Beleriand-only scrolls from the raid at midnight instance (I think? It's been well over a year since I've run it).
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    Re: Legendary Main Hand Weapon Title

    I started off with Ancient Dwarf Make because it was the scroll I got intially. That went on the quested legendary. After that, when I changed weapons as I leveled, I kind of kept ADM because it works against dragon kind (those pesky big worms). As I started to reach the 60 cap, I started getting the orc slayer title since the logic I read was that orcs and orc kind made up a sizeable percentage of the enemies we'd see in Moria.

    When I got to Lothlorien, I looked at Hero of CG for the Beliriand and orc slayer level 1 title. Right now in Mirkwood, I am leveling up the 65 bow I will put Beliriand on but the 65 bow that I use for now has the Moria orc slayer Level 3 title. As it happens, I have a 65 crossbow, as well, that I put the Ancient Evil level 3 title on but that was because I had picked up the title before you could get fused relics in that quest and didn't want to vendor it.

    Oops, you meant hand weapon. I used a Second Age dagger (level 60) for quite a while. I didn't put a title on it. I got a 65 sword but still haven't put a title on it. I should. Since I am not entirely happy with it's legacies, I have refrained from putting a title for it. I should get something, probably the orc slayer or maybe breakdown and get beliriand from the Gathburz rep vendor (I can never remember the name of that place).

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    Re: Legendary Main Hand Weapon Title

    I do DN regularly (still) so gold leaves are a by-product, so Bel+Orc usually ends up on 'em given enough time, just for Moors play.

    You can also easily barter Bel+SumthinSumthin in Thangulhad, for (I believe) 2 emblems (2 soloable dailies - pick up the quest "Badges of Dishonour" and run the Thangulhad instance each day and presto!) and 10(?) ohyoudidaquesthaveabazillionfe athers, so by the time you know where Thangulhad is (and you won't ever... EVER forget, trust me) you should have more feathers than this guy:

    "Now that I sacked Dol Guldur, I got this sweet spot on this kids TV show!"

    Midnight Raid is a good time for regular olde Bel. Requires a Infused Adamant. If you're on Nim I'll do it w/ ya, is good time.
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