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    Neighborhood raids/defense

    I think it would be cool to let creeps attack people's neighborhoods, and have some sort of dp reward for doing it, freeps could earn lots of skirmish marks or something for defending, and kins get extra for their coordinated effort. what do you guys think? kinda just a random idea i came up with.

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    Re: Neighborhood raids/defense

    Interesting idea in theory, but that would not work out so well unfortunately. Housing neighborhoods are more or less sanctuaries, and this might discourage a lot of players from that kind of content.
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    Re: Neighborhood raids/defense

    My major question is what the reward for creeps would be? Defending my "housing" area actually might be an idea that would cause me to explore PvP where I normally wouldn't. However, I WOULD NOT want creeps to be able to raid my house and steal my stuff. Took too long to earn some of the things in my home.

    If there were good rewards for creeps, I think this is actually not a bad idea.

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    Re: Neighborhood raids/defense

    Well the point isn't to force people to defend, just make it on an entire race's homestead with the option to join in and defend, you don't have to do anything, just an idea. Maybe make it so you can cause a small amount of extra upkeep to the owner by burning part of their house, if they didn't defend, but if they did maybe pay their upkeep for a week, only if they were successful though. Creeps can get some dull and glimmering stones, and freeps get skirmish marks as well, and if the creeps win, they get some DP.

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    Re: Neighborhood raids/defense

    I do not have a problem as long as I can opt totally out. Never see any creeps. Never have any effect on using my homes. No buffs. No bonuses. No costs. No penalties.

    Since I do not PvP with my freeps, I wish there was some way to opt out of the moors buffs.

    Make it one or more PvP skirmish maps based on the housing maps. Have the creeps and freeps have fun together. Unfortunately, PvP skirmishes was apparently a feature that was dropped due to excessive resource cost. Very common issue with many good ideas. Not enough resources.
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    Re: Neighborhood raids/defense

    heh, I thought it said neighbor hood riots.

    too much CNN...
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    Re: Neighborhood raids/defense

    An interesting idea, although since neighborhoods are considered peaceful areas, the battles would have to be instanced, and totally optional. It would add some flavor, since the neighborhoods are new areas to fight in, freeps can defend for skirmish marks and renown, and creeps can get infamy and dp/stones. But Turbine doesn't have enough resources to do anything like this, as Yula said.
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