After reading yet another thread about someone not getting the level 20 undying title, I thought what if...

What if you defeat 50 (consecutive) enemies without falling in battle = grants "The Wary" title (unlocking the next tier.)

Defeat 100 (consecutive) enemies without falling in battle = grants "The Undefeated" title (unlocks next tier.)

Defeat 500 (consecutive) enemies without falling in battle = grants "The Unscathed" title. (unlocks next tier.)

Defeat 1000 (consecutive) enemies without falling in battle grants "The Undying" title.

This way, you can begin the game as a n00b player, dying (falling in battle) & learning, but as you begin to grasp the game, you eventually die less to the point where killing 50 consecutive enemies without dying becomes possible.

It also means all these titles become possible at any point in the game.

To clarify, you can earn a title unlocking a new tier and fall in battle between earning tiers, dying just resets the counter for that tier level.

Either way the titles can be earned by either taking it easy, or not. But making it consecutive kills rather than level achieved, makes the titles earnable at ANY point in the game, eliminating the need to reset (or delete) a character.

also also, defeating 10,000 consecutive enemies without falling can give the title, "The invincible" and so on, and so on, and so on...

You could also place these particular title deeds in the same category as "class skill" deeds, where to qualify, the kills must not be gray level kills, making it slightly less inconsequential.

or not

Either set up, I can work around. Just thought this might resolve some of the current angst... or not.