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    Excuse me please...(burrrp)

    Could someone direct me to the freeps, or is there nothing left for me to stick my cleavers into?

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    Apr 2007

    Re: Excuse me please...(burrrp)

    OMG Thunder! where have you been?

    You were one of the first reavers i gold-tagged off of.

    ...holds back tears...
    Worst Warg Ever-The Warg Formally Known As Coringoldtagger
    Taredrahil 100 champ- Elhereth 95 hunter- Erme 85 Burglar- Felwynd 100 Warden
    Lailath 98 minstrel-Quija 100 Lore-Master- Yrandir 31 Runekeeper- Derilect 100 Captain

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    Re: Excuse me please...(burrrp)

    I've been cast making the movie "the hobbit" they needed a smelly orc who works cheap and I fit the bill.

    Ill be the goblin kings human relations manager so be looking for me.

    But now that I'm back Ill be running a blood drive for Morgoths Blood Bank and any freep intersted in giving blood should come out of elf camp and find me in the haunted forrest. All blood types are excepted, A, B , AB, O + and -.

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    Re: Excuse me please...(burrrp)

    there was an alright number of freeps this morning and afternoon but they all loged and they were staying close to their ta npcs anyway only come out to try and kill my poor defiler and running in before my uber dps got to fire off...

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    Re: Excuse me please...(burrrp)

    Thunder Baldie!
    GK - "But whether he slept or not I dare not Say; he could have remembered many
    Things. Yet let him lie as he will, His adventure ringing In his ears."

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    The Moors

    Re: Excuse me please...(burrrp)

    Awesome, welcome back Thunder!



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