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    PvP parody songs

    Because I can't remember where the old thread for this is...

    To my darling Sugarpie Honeybunch
    (Ode' to go back to your loremaster)

    Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
    You know that I love you
    I can't help myself
    I CJ you with everyone else

    In and out my life(in and out my life)
    You mezz-root-stun and you go(you root and you go)
    Leaving just your tar behind....(ooh)
    And I've had to relog to it a thousand times(ooh)
    When you forget stun immunity,
    I come a-running to you
    I'm insantly mezzed,
    And there's nothing that I can do

    I can't help myself,
    No, I can't help myself,

    'Cause, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
    I'm weaker than an OP warg should be
    I can't help myself
    I'm a fool in love 'ya see

    Wanna tell you I don't love you,
    Tell you that I'll never pounce you
    And I try....
    But ev'ry time I see your ents,
    I get all choked up inside
    When I call your name,
    My fur, it starts to flame
    Burning and slowing my heart,
    Tearing it all apart..
    No matter how I try
    Hips is down, I cannot hide....

    'Cause Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
    You know that I'm waiting for you(with 6 other wargs too)
    I can't help myself
    I CJ you with everyone else

    with love,
    Tsaurel/Telae - SVP

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    Re: PvP parody songs

    Reprinted from earlier Elvis does LoTRO thread...(rep hounding hehe):

    You ain't nuthin' but a star hound
    Cryin' all the time

    You ain't-a-nuthin' but a star hound
    Cryin' all the time

    You ain't never killed a hobbit, and you ain't no tribe of mine...

    They said you was OP
    But that was just a lie!

    They said you was OP
    But that was just a lie...

    You ain't never killed a hobbit and you ain't no tribe of mine!
    Kinships: Fifth Star Vagabonds on Crickhollow (Dotswith); Random Access on Arkenstone (Dottiel)

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    Re: PvP parody songs

    Here was the Epic Brandywine PVP parody song thread:


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    This is a good cheerful singing fun time.

    Happy happy walrus, sitting in a tree
    Happy happy walrus, happy as can be
    Don't you wish you could be one of the cheerful ones
    The tree says, the bird says, the cheerful walrus said
    "Come one, come all, the Mustelids offer shelter,
    Hide away, hide away, we all can play."
    Get up, go outside, run to your nearest field,and frolic;
    frolic till you find the meaning of life, then sit down and sing cheery songs till dawn.
    I have been sent by the Mustelids, who are inter-dimensional beings leading us.
    I am one of few Mustelidian High Priests. Join our order.



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