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Thread: a GREAT idea

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    a GREAT idea

    first things first, this idea is NOT mine, it belongs to perfectlotus


    have any other servers ever given newer players a guided tour of the moors? there are many players out there that wish to try pvmp but are too afraid at getting yelled at for being "new" (as i was 2years ago)

    perfectlotus's idea will end all this and hopefully be able raise freep population, at least by a little.

    imo this is a great idea, and thought this should be put out there for everyone to see.

    if this has been done or mentioned before, i apologize but my search turned up nothing.
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    Re: a GREAT idea

    i thought of doing tours,but there are so many duel accounters that i just decided not to because i dont know if any will use what i teach for ways out as their advantage moors arent like what they were few years ago ... if they're in my group i will show them but randomly know gotta get to know the new ppl a little. i dont mind allowing them under my wing in a group though.
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