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    Short of Stature, but not Skill

    In the midst of all the bashing and whining I would just like to throw out some kudos to a short little warden that most of know. Last night in the moors another ranked creep and I ran into Balaric cruising around STAB and a protracted battle ensued taking us to the cows, across the river, finally ending south of TA. Now, Balaric is known to me and when he saw me running around STAB (owned by the freeps at the time) I knew I was in trouble. Fortunately I wasn't alone and a fierce battle ensued lasting several minutes. Even with two ranked creeps we found it a hotly contested battle and the results not certain. Most fun I've had in the moors in a long while.

    Just wanted to say that, in my opinion, Balaric is one of the best, if not the best, Warden on Gladden.
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    Re: Short of Stature, but not Skill

    /signed, gives me a run for my money without healing, great warg too!
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    Re: Short of Stature, but not Skill

    I am not surprised at all by this thread. Balaric kicks @ss!
    There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production. Too wierd to live, but too rare to die. ~Hunter S. Thompson

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    Re: Short of Stature, but not Skill

    Thanks guys, that fight was pretty epic. If stuff like that happened more I'd be in the moors alot more often.



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