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    Using Marks in the Moors

    This is a question to other Captains who go out to the Moors on a somewhat regular basis. But first an anecdote;

    I was out with a full raid today having a blast, there was a Captain in each group so I thought, "oh great we should be covered in terms of awesomeness."

    However I quickly became confused, as I was the only Captain using Telling Mark (or any mark for that matter), on the Creeps. Now I fully understand that in certain situations there is no point to using Telling Mark out in the Moors, like when the group catches a straggler and the creep is railroaded in 3 seconds.

    But to my way of thinking if the raid leader calls out a target, then that target should get Telling Mark on it. The extra damage can be the difference between a Creep getting away and a dead Creep, especially during bridge fights when Creeps hug the NPC's like their mothers.

    My question is, why would a Captain (like the other 3 I was running with) NOT use Telling Mark in the Moors? One of the Captains atleast had the excuse of being the raid leader so I was prepared to cut that person some slack, as I figured they had a lot more they had to keep an eye on.

    I'm only rank 4 so I am still learning the ins and outs of the Moors so please let me know if my thinking needs to be revised on this Telling Mark question.

    Also before you ask, my computer is relatively laggy at times, so sometimes the creep would be womped on for a good bit of time before I could even get the mark on them, but none of the other Cappy's were putting Telling Mark on them before me.

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    Re: Using Marks in the Moors

    Honestly, I'm not so sure why either. Depending on the situation either telling or revealing (or both if multiple capt's) should be on a focus fired creep, usually a WL or Defiler to take them asap.

    I've even thrown a Noble mark on a non-sprinting warg just to keep them in combat and prevent them from stealthing.
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    Re: Using Marks in the Moors

    First, telling mark works in the Moors, and considering the ranged fest that is the Moors, applying a 10% telling mark is the biggest contributor to DPS that a captain can make consistently. Oathbreaker's is a larger bonus of course, but it is on a 5 min cooldown.

    Since you had 3 captains, it is possible that you had a legacied 10% telling mark, and the other two did not, and they correctly decided not to overwrite your mark with theirs. Of course that doesn't explain why they didn't apply revealing mark. If they never apply a mark they wouldn't be waiting for the mark cooldown either (if they're not running 2+ LoM).

    Having both marks up on a tyrant during a keep flip is awesome, offering about 40,000 morale in heals and accelerating the burn down the tyrant before the creeps come by to ruin your day.
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    Re: Using Marks in the Moors

    Telling is indeed the default mark captains should use in the moors. However, I find noble mark quite useful, like keeping high ranked blackarrows in combat to prevent fire traps in the middle of your raid, and sometimes preventing classes like wargs and reavers from escaping. Also, I only use revealing mark on tyrants.
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    Re: Using Marks in the Moors

    I use Telling Mark all the time, but I also slot for my marks to have no cooldown. Perhaps the other Captains were slotted such that their marks had cooldowns?

    I do feel that Telling Mark is pretty nice to use in the moors, but probably not essential. If I am the only "healer" in a group, my priority is watching the morale bars of my peeps, so I might not get to that mark if someone needs a-saving.
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