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    Question Question

    I know we (creeps) can get our trolls when were vastly outnumbered like last night...but i have a couple pig headed freeps who say the rangers are bugged and they cant get them when their outnumbers they never get the 2nd buff cause we really dont get more than 24-30...

    So my question is...

    Can freeps get the rangers or is it broken?
    Nope, we did have warleaders but their class role has changed to cheerleader.
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    Re: Question

    They can get the rangers.

    On Brandywine I havent seen either trolls and rangers in a while tho, so perhaps something have changed lately?

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    Re: Question

    We can get rangers, the quest is just bugged really bad and it needs a certain criteria to get it. I see trolls all the time though. Rangers I see maybe, once a month or so.

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    Re: Question

    elendilmir had a ranger yesterday, and i havent seen a troll in over a month
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