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    Mischief At Lugazag II

    The FreePies, probably through some sort of exploit, managed to capture Lugazag which is the premier location for Warg Streaking. The great part about being a Warg Streaker is that we wargs spend our entire lives nekkid so there is little or no preparation for this activity. It's one of the few instances where one can say he's born ready.

    I arrived at Lugazag with my running paws on only to find a lone minstrel carefully watching the entrance. After streaking through Lugazag and jumping out the back I decided to participate in more sinister activities, like collecting a few elf ears on the 3rd floor just to irritate the minstrel whom I'll refer to as "Whirling" as to protect his real identity. I'm not writing this to embarass the poor little hobbit.

    Round 1, 2, 3:
    "Whirling" finds me on the 3rd floor and attacks. There is no way I'm gonna beat the little devil so I bail out the 3rd floor and crawl away bruised, broken, and near death. Thankfully "Whirling" doesn't follow me out of the keep. FUN TIP: Do not JUMP out of the 3rd floor window to the valley below because YOU DIE.

    Round 4:
    I manage to kill a guard on the 3rd floor only to have "Whirling" attack me yet again. This time I jump out of the keep and land on the narrow strip of ground that separates Lugazag from the valley below. The hobbit jumps out and bounces off the ledge and slides down into the valley - which nearly caused me to die laughing.

    Round 5:
    I whack another guard on the 3rd floor and "Whirling" follows me out of Lugazag and this time I manage to lose him. Before he runs all the way back around to the front of Lugazag me and two other wargs find him and have hobbit nibblets as a snack.

    Round 6:
    I kill two guards on the 3rd floor and "Whirling" follows me out. This time he lands on the narrow strip of land that separates Lugazag from the valley below which means I'm going to die because I've got no cool downs and "Whirling" hits like a truck. I land on the ledge but for some reason I slide down into the valley - and keep sliding at great speed until I'm literally half way to the Lugazag resurrection circle. Game Bug for teh escape!

    Anyways, there wasn't much killing or infamy to be had in these tiny battles but they were a great deal of fun. I'll play games of Minstrel and Warg anytime with "Whirling".

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    Re: Mischief At Lugazag II

    I have acquired some rare photos while Warg Streaking through Tirith Rhaw. These were hard to get, and resulted in the death of me before I got to safety.

    The reason my health is so low while I am still on the first floor is because I was unprepared for it while caught trying to sneak in. I decided I would turn it into a round of Warg Streaking.

    I want you to note two things of the above screenshot. One, the astonished face of Pulgoso as his mind tries to grasp the speed of the warg who just passed him. Second, the same process going on with the mind of the Coldfells Guardian, who appears to be ready to strike at thin air. Just moments after, I was incapacitated which, as you can see, was bound to happen with only 200 morale left.
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