I'm sure this has been beaten to death, but I figured I'll ask again with all SoM changes.

My friend and I, both rolled cappies. He is in his 55s I'm still in my 30s. Recently out kin was running rift, and was looking for a cappy - I suggested his (the level is just right). The answer that I got back was to the point of "he doesn’t really know how to play cappy, he is running the toon with sword and board. Any good captain uses halberd …. if he wants to bring his 65 champ in , he is welcome..."

So I asked why, and I don't think I got a coherent answer back as to why "all good captains" run with halberds.”
My understanding is:
1) cappy's job is not to do damage but to keep the party buffed up
2) keep mobs away from the mini
3) heal as much as possible

Halberds will allow an easier agro pull from the mini, which makes sense. Aside from that though - why would a cappy run with 2h? A good shield will add some stats and increase survivability -- it is not cappy's job to dps, but to buff, so even if there is a minor drop in dps, no biggie. If a mini gets aggroed, then quick switch to a 2h to pull the mob might come in handy.
What am I missing here?