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    Question sword / board 1h/hally

    I'm sure this has been beaten to death, but I figured I'll ask again with all SoM changes.

    My friend and I, both rolled cappies. He is in his 55s I'm still in my 30s. Recently out kin was running rift, and was looking for a cappy - I suggested his (the level is just right). The answer that I got back was to the point of "he doesn’t really know how to play cappy, he is running the toon with sword and board. Any good captain uses halberd …. if he wants to bring his 65 champ in , he is welcome..."

    So I asked why, and I don't think I got a coherent answer back as to why "all good captains" run with halberds.”
    My understanding is:
    1) cappy's job is not to do damage but to keep the party buffed up
    2) keep mobs away from the mini
    3) heal as much as possible

    Halberds will allow an easier agro pull from the mini, which makes sense. Aside from that though - why would a cappy run with 2h? A good shield will add some stats and increase survivability -- it is not cappy's job to dps, but to buff, so even if there is a minor drop in dps, no biggie. If a mini gets aggroed, then quick switch to a 2h to pull the mob might come in handy.
    What am I missing here?

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    Re: sword / board 1h/hally

    I am of the opinion that if a Captain is just sitting there buffing and healing, they are not fulfilling their greatest potential. A Captain has more to contribute to that, even with lower dps than most other classes. Now, that's not to say that a shield and one-hander isn't ok! It certainly is. But your assumption that a Captain shouldn't be doing any damage, just buffing and healing is (in my opinion, obviously) faulty. You can absolutely run with a sword and shield if you want to, but except for extreme cases while solo-healing some content, I don't think it's truly necessary and you can contribute more to your group getting in there and adding some damage.
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    Honestly, for grouping the type of weapon is far less important than the legacies. The damage difference between one handers and two handers is relatively small solo and just this side of meaningless in a group context. It is true that a captain should be in the thick of things, as Cloudie-wan suggests and, all things being equal, I'd prefer a magnificent two-handed weapon to a one-hander (personally I prefer greatsword to halberd but that is a different debate). But a top-notch one-hander with all the bells and whistles is going to give much better support to the group than a merely decent two-hander.

    As for survivability: I'm not sure that the shield is going to make a huge difference unless you are main tanking. The tank will have most of the heavy hitting aggro and between defensive strike and heavy armour and self-heals you should be self-sufficient. If you are really taking too much damage you could use withdraw but I have done that maybe 3 times in as many years. The shield will often have ICPR which is nice, but mostly this just balances out a faster rate of power consumption due to faster weapon speed. As a captain I am looking to get more aggro far far more often than I am looking to lose it.

    As to halberds: they are nice in that they have a marginal added aggro (it isn't going to make a huge difference) and their 2% damage bonus is "free," but these differences are minimal. Personally, for hard content I would prefer the greatsword for the increased "to hit" chance, but again I doubt it is going to make a noticeable difference.

    Final word: I think there may be something wrong with the culture of your kin if it is going to second-guess a standing members choices in how he plays his character. For myself, I wouldn't respond graciously to a response that was (a) judgmental and (b) wrong.
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    Re: sword / board 1h/hally

    Captains have power issues and if your buddy uses a sword/board combo, his power issues are going to be even worse due to the higher weapon speed. A captain with no power is no help to anyone.

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    Re: sword / board 1h/hally

    sounds like your raid leader was an idiot.

    while sword and board is totally viable, id much rather use a 2 hander in a group. you shouldnt be taking a ton of damage, and a light shield isnt gonna do much even if you are taking damage. the extra stats are nice, but id rather have the extra damage from a 2 hander. healing and buffing certainly shouldnt stop a captain from being in the thick of things doing damage. on top of all that, most captains will use a 2 hander solo, and levelling another LI can be a pain

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    Re: sword / board 1h/hally

    My captain has a pretty decent level 65 halberd, and a 1st age one-handed sword. The sword is a glorious buffing weapon. I have it leveled to 70 and fully ranked up. I also carry the best light shield I could find. IF in a group and for some reason I find I must step in to tank, depending on circumstances I use the sword and shield. I run HoH though so I am by no means a tank! I normally use the halberd.

    In addition to healing/off healing, buffing and debuffing, I do my best to get in there and hack away at the mobs! Granted the dps is nothing compared to a burg or champ, but with the tank or main dps shield brothered I am not only damaging mobs but additionally able to heal the shield brother and the whole group through some of my attacks.



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