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Thread: Cruel Joke?

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    Thumbs down Cruel Joke?

    Okay, so I didn't think Creeps had a mailbox. In fact I'm darn near positive Creeps don't get mailboxes. So why on earth do Creeps get a chance to win a lottery, with the prizes arriving IN A MAILBOX!? I mean come on Turbine, we all know you hate the Creeps but this is just mean

    If there is already a thread about this I apologize. Maybe there's some other way to get a lottery prize? If there is then I'm sorry Turbine and if there's not, then this is just embarrassing. Especially when my Creeps win twice as many prizes as my Freeps.

    EDIT: After some research, apparently the Creeps aren't supposed to be able to enter the lotteries. Seems pointless to allow the Creeps to turn in the Gold Tokens from NPCs (because that's what the 'Moors is about right?), but not allow them to win Gold Tokens in a lottery. I guess it answers my original question and this is indeed a cruel joke. Rather than just give the Creeps mailboxes (as has been asked for years), let's just take back the lottery prizes they do "accidently" win. Awesome. Thanks Turbine.
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    Re: Cruel Joke?

    On a related note, I won a lottery with a toon I DELETED 6 MONTHS AGO...caps ftw.../frustration off.

    That is all.
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