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    Re: Hello, and Goodbye

    Always a pleasure to be around you Ben. Enjoy E! Glad we get to keep your LM though
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    Yayy Ben! i'll finally getta team with you on Freepside hehe, sorry to see you go though, i love getting blown up in like what, 10 hits. :P love all the 1v1s we got.

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    Re: Hello, and Goodbye

    Hey you owe me some Enamels Ben

    Hate to see ya leave, but at the same time I can understand. Do me a favor and show the (E)asymoders how the Nim Freeps roll
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    Re: Hello, and Goodbye

    Good luck Ben - I hope you enjoy E (And thank you so much for the advice you've given me regarding my RK.)
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    Re: Hello, and Goodbye

    Sad to see a honorable ally/enemy go. Take it to the Elendilmir creeps buddy! Hopefully you find what you're looking for over there. If you don't then you're always welcome back here.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Hello, and Goodbye

    Awwww Bennihana I will miss You !

    We jumped well together and you were a tasty snack if you didn`t fry me first Warg on toast anyone ?

    Good luck on E and be safe - I`m hoping you`ll come back to us on good ole Nimrodel tho.
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    Re: Hello, and Goodbye

    I jest, E has decent PvP but I find as a general rule it sucks a whole tonne to be a freep right now, lacking incentive it's not really promising to also have to fight 2-3:1 odds.

    About 30 or so showed up for a random fight club earlier, was really fun. Much more-so than Nimrodels 1-2 freep raids last night Fighting like 10 or fewer creeps.
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