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    Artisan Recipe vendor, Where is he?

    I love the new quest vendors for getting recipes we have missed. Can someone point me towards the lvl 4 quest giver? My guess would be somewhere in Trollshaws,Angmar, or evendim. ANy help for 5, and 6 would be great as well.

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    Re: Artisan Recipe vendor, Where is he?

    No such thing exists. I believe this was only done in the newbie zones as parts of the revamp that Orion was doing. Ered Luid, Breeland, Shire and Lonelands were the only zones that were reworked. LOTRO management pulled Orion of the revamp project to do something else. He will never get the chance to work on the next zone which was to be North Downs.

    You want tier 4-6 recipes. The auction hall is the place to go. Some of the recipes have special requirements. For example - Only available from a Golden Host acquaintance barter NPC for the correct number of feathers. Plus the recipe is bound. You got to be high enough level. You got to do those dailies to get your feathers unless have enough laying around from doing quests.
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