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    Crafting in Crafting Guild Halls?

    Why is it that you can't actually craft in the Crafting Guild Halls? The Weaponsmith's and Metalworker's Guild Halls in Thorin's Hall have beautiful forges...that are completely unusable.

    Would it be too much to ask for these to be Superior Forges? Yes, I know you can just run out and up the stairs and down the stairs to the Forge, but why put one in the Guild Hall at all if you can't use it?

    I haven't confirmed this recently, but I believe the Tailor's and Woodworker's Guild Hall in Esteldin have Workbenches that aren't usable. Again, you are close the the Superior Workbench, but why not put a usable one in the Guild Hall?

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    Re: Crafting in Crafting Guild Halls?

    It's part of the system to encourage crafting *while* leveling instead of just having one or many low level crafting alts that are able to do everything easily. The superior crafting tools are in places that are more difficult (or impossible) to get to with low levels for this reason.
    This is also why much of the newer crafted equipment/items are reputation gated. It requires your character to be at level to be able to make certain items.
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    I think it's just that they didn't see a need to spend the additional resources putting in the superior workbenches/forges/oven/study because in all cases the guild halls are located very near if not next door to the appropriate facility.

    It also helps to make the world seem more populated when you have everyone gather at the same places.
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    Re: Crafting in Crafting Guild Halls?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawlor View Post
    The superior crafting tools are in places that are more difficult (or impossible) to get to with low levels for this reason.
    *cough* Excuse me? Superior Oven is in Michel Delving. Superior Farmland in Hobbiton-Bywater. Superior Forge in Thorin's Hall. Difficult to get to? I think not....

    (Okay...Superior Workbench is in Esteldin--any L34+ Hunter can port there; Superior Study is in Rivendell--and any L46+ Hunter can port a low level character there. However, Acquaintence with the Mathom Society gets you access to the Superior Study in the Mathom House at fairly low level.)



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