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    Locked house question

    I realize the mechanics around housing have changed a few times so I was wondering what the latest is. If I don't pay my upkeep because I have not logged in for several weeks, my house is locked and can be unlocked when I come back, correct? What happens to the items inside the house - decorations and contents of house chests? Are they accessible when I come back and unlock, or do they go into escrow and eventually disappear?

    If anyone has actually been through this process lately I'd be especially glad to hear from you.

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    Re: Locked house question

    Since they changed the rules and locked out houses NEVER get taken away now, your stuff is still in the house until you either pony up the unlock fee (up to 90% of the house price depending on how long it's locked) or until you abandon the house and then it all goes to escrow.
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    Re: Locked house question

    I believe that the cost to unlock your house goes up every month to the point that it nearly costs you a new house to unlock the old one. When a house is locked, all the items stay exactly where they are. This means that your inside decorations are there but you just can't see them, and your yard decorations will stay visible forever if you never unlock your house. I know this because my neighbor has one of the ugliest yards in the world and hasn't played in over a year and I am forced to look at it every day.
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    Re: Locked house question

    Ha, OK. I'll try to make sure my lawn ornaments are in order before I log off for a while.

    Thanks for the responses.



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