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    Gliterring Copper Ring

    How is the "glittering copper ring" different from the copper ring?
    I got a recipe from Lorebook, but the copper ring was not what
    one of NPC wanted. Is it the rock salt needed for the critical success?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Gliterring Copper Ring

    There is a problem currently with both the glittering copper ring quests... not sure if/when they'll ever get fixed. Someone told me to submit a ticket in game and a gm would fix it, but I tried that and it never got fixed.

    Personally, I'd just give up on these quests for now.

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    Re: Gliterring Copper Ring

    I've already done this quest, so don't know about possible bugs, but the 'glittering copper ring' is a dropped recipe. Or at least it used to be, I think. I don't know if they changed it when they changed some of the other jeweler recipes.

    ETA: So I quit being lazy for a few extra seconds and found out that the recipe is sold by the jeweller recipe vendor in pretty much any town. Yay knowledge! Especially knowledge that may be useless in the face of a bug. >.>
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    Re: Gliterring Copper Ring

    You will have to wait for Volume 3, Book 1, Patch 1 to go live. Which should be soon. The original plan is to release it near the end of April. I would not be not be surprised to see a announcement this week for the live deployment. It may even deploy this week.
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    Re: Gliterring Copper Ring

    I submitted a ticket regarding this issue and the GM told me that they are aware of the issue and working on it. That was about a month ago.

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    Re: Gliterring Copper Ring

    Try it again on Wednesday after the servers come back up.
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