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    Re: Landroval - In-game Help for New Players


    I am available for in-game/forum question help for Oceanic players of all levels.

    Have you had yours today?
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    Re: Landroval - In-game Help for New Players

    Is Landroval still the best LOTR's roleplay server?
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    Re: Landroval - In-game Help for New Players

    I can help with low level questions and such.
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    Re: Landroval - In-game Help for New Players

    Just giving folks a heads up that I'm still about and still available for random questions. My alt list is prodigious so see the Signature. Most days I'm on Camuril but hey the alts need love too.
    Camuril Arthandir // Serendis // Duban Brightstone // Harel Hornwood // Romenar // Barza // Reigar // Menellach // Mereloth // Lorannon // Isildis // Romandil
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    Wondering if any of these names are still relevant considering the last post was in 2011.
    Niendil CH
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    I don't know how much help I can give per se, but I am a recent returnee to Middle Earth and would enjoy joining anyone for some adventuring and daring-do (as un-Hobbity as that might sound)

    Please look me up if you are in need of a fledgling Minstrel (Level 13).

    You can usually find me somewhere in The Shire tending my crops, practicing my Lute (badly I might add ), or just being neighborly in general Golgo is the name.

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    Returning Player

    This is an awesome offering from all of the LOTRO vets!

    I'm a returning player who's played on and off since launch, and I can't stress enough how overwhelming LOTRO can be stepping back into the vast world Turbine has created.

    In fact, that's been the cause of my absence more than once, I simply don't know what to do, or where to start!

    So from a gamer who's not necessarily a LOTRO gamer, but certainly can use all of the help he can get, thank you!

    One last thing, since this post was from so long ago, who's still around?

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    I think this is very neat ... while I am still pretty new, I don't have much to offer, but if I can help anyone I would love to.

    My play times are most any night from 9pm - 1am PST

    All you have to do is search for "Morty" (as all my characters start with Morty) (okay most of them do ... I have one character named Arrgo, but he is our Kinship accountant and doesn't get any real play time.

    The only night I am NOT available to help is Saturday nights because I have a weekly appointment with the Hobbit Explorer Group.
    [URL="http://houserindol.com"]House Rindol[/URL] Landroval Kinship | [URL="http://www.mmorty.com"]MMOrty.com[/URL]
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    Someone should update this, with the advent of the level 20 requirement for chatting to "prevent goldspam' new players don't have a way to ask for help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KitsuneGirl View Post
    Someone should update this, with the advent of the level 20 requirement for chatting to "prevent goldspam' new players don't have a way to ask for help.
    Any new player should contact Valainantiel High Queen of the Noldor within Landroval. Tis all the help you need. Answers to all their questions,Fellow Randir.

    World chat can be often rather unpleasant,even for newcomers ,recruits and Arda's first timers. Players tend to get annoyed by new player's question. Landroval chat is lately plagued by daily Politics Debate/spam,nonsense.

    There is a forum section for new player assistance, to be sincere. Game is ultra easy. I never asked for help back then in Elder days when LOTRO was a daunting and ardours task for a newbie. Asking a help 2018..

    Please,one do can by him/herself.


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