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    Newbie Question: Am I Missing Anything...

    .. that will seriously hurt me at later levels?

    I just started the game and am trying to make myself as independant and group/kinship friendly as possible. I like to have a tank, healer and dps character in all the games I play so I can fill any role. I also like to be quite independant in terms of supplying my needs. I think I've picked a fairly good combination of classes and crafting professions in order to fulfil my goals.

    The question is, given my goals (of being group/kinship friendly but also independant in supplying my own stuff) am I missing anything that will hurt me at later levels with the following combination?

    Warden - Explorer (Tailor, Prospecter & Forester)
    Hunter (or Hunt*** depending on your viewpoint ) - Woodsman (Woodworker, Forester, Farmer)
    Runekeeper (I really didn't like the Minstrel) - Tinker (Jeweller, Prospector, Cook)

    I think I can make them all their armour, weapons, jewelry and consumables (food not pots).

    I know that I will rely on Metalsmiths for some of the Woodworker/weapons recipes and I know I will rely on drops/vendors/Scholars for potions. I can live with those as I don't really want to level 4 characters at once and duplicate an archetype (althought if it's a significant weakness I could add a Historian to cover Scholar and Weaponsmith).

    Am I missing anything from a crafting perspective?

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    Re: Newbie Question: Am I Missing Anything...

    Historian (Scholar, Farmer, Weaponsmith) makes the following that you could use:

    • Fire and Light Oils for Hunter and Warden.
    • Enamels and Inlays for Rune-keeper.
    • Bow-chants for Hunter.

    Plus, as you pointed out already, Athelas and Celebrant potions and the various draughts that everyone can use. Also Battle and Warding Lore that anyone can use. They can also make crafting scrolls, dyes for clothing, and wall paints for houses.

    Whether or not any of this is of interest or importance to you is something only you can decide. But thought I'd mention it for you...
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