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    Moria Helmet and Shoulders

    You can get the whole moria set Minus the Helmet and Shoulders.
    You have to do a run through... I dont know what.
    I know 16th hall for shoulders.
    Why cant you get them with Coins as well?
    And IF they need to make it a specific run, then cant they make it so the horrible Lost one ( shoulders ) drops a coin for everyone in the party.
    Its like 3 hours to get down there and then its a good bet you wont be able to beat the lost one, And if you do... Its a 1/6 chance to get the coin?
    Seems extream.

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    Re: Moria Helmet and Shoulders

    You can get the non-set Helm/Shoulders with the Moria Medallions.
    The coins for the set pieces drops in Vile Maw.
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    Re: Moria Helmet and Shoulders

    I'll be putting together a watcher run tomorrow or saturday night, be on
    Kraken, Thesungodra



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