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    Re: Do you think captains can be main tanks?

    I can do alright in HoH creating an agro spike by preceding Grave Wound with Cutting Attack (yes, you want the target to bleed before using Grave Wound to generate more threat), followed by a Threatening Shout.

    I haven't ran in an instance not in HoH spec in a while, mainly because I do so many PUGs, so I'm not sure how well LtC would do.

    Assuming your Vitality, Might, and Agility scores were near capped (thus some of the best mitigations you could have), I would imagine it would work out all right, so long as agro control wasn't an issue.
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    Re: Do you think captains can be main tanks?

    I have main tanked Gorothul on my captain as the only heavy in the group. HoH traited I just took 10 seconds to hit him alone, then used healing threat to keep aggro and pick up the other mobs. Definitely helped to have a group that knew what it was doing and quite fun to fulfill 2 roles at once.

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    Re: Do you think captains can be main tanks?

    I have tanked SG and turtle with my captain, I do not think we will ever be able to beat guards/wardens or even champs, but we have the ability to if necessary.

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    Re: Do you think captains can be main tanks?

    haha on my cap when i am trated for healz i pull the turtle off the guards and keep it i don't know what you guys are thinking but it can be done. i have also had to tank the first part of BG i was trated for it and had no problems i was doing better then the one guard we had.

    so for those captains that have been repressed rise up and take the standard of MAIN TANK!!!!!!!
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    Re: Do you think captains can be main tanks?

    I find captains to be servicable 'boss tanks'. They can get and cement aggro from one critter quite effectively - especially if you have DPS classes that will listen to voice comands and wait the 5-8 second you need to build up a substantial lead. Hunters that are mindful of their aggro and RKs that can restrict themselves to steady roasting instead of spikey lightning damage are in no danger. At the point you shield brother a DPS and give them damage boosts (on your schedule) instead of healing buffs. The end of captain-tanked boss fight tend to be sudden (sync up call to arms and oathbreaker's shame for a last 20k push).

    Captains still tend to shine in 'Oh, poo...!' moments, where they can step up to fill in for a (dead) main tank, -briefly-. Whipe protection remains a valuable (if unsexy) part of the captain's role. I've tanked Durchest solo for the 12-15 second required to get the fight back on track with the main tank got split in twain (8k distributed swipes meet my LS), and once things stabilzed was able to stay in rotation long enough for the aggro debuffs to settle back out and return to the main party. We have aggro skills for a reason - it would be a shame to ignore them.

    Against trash pulls with lots of smaller characters it becomes more of a every-free-person-for-themselves with the captain back in the traditional off-tank role of pulling 1-2 critters off of the healer while DPS classes go nuts trying to get it all dead before things get out of hand.

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    Re: Do you think captains can be main tanks?

    Capts can definitely fill the role of main tank if they absolutely have to. If you can get a guard or warden they will of course be much easier on the group, both easier to heal and an easier time holding agro plus you as the captain are able to help heal them, whereas you can't heal yourself very well while main tanking.

    Depending on the fight they might be able to go sword and board to help get better mits, but that requires less damage on the mob, at least initially, or they'll lose agro and be hard pressed to get it back. Otherwise they can tank fairly well using a halberd or any other 2h, they'll just get hit for a decent amount.

    In DN we only had 1 tank so I would main tank the 2nd troll. In BG I often tank the Uruks during the gauntlet. If I wasnt a designated tank for the uruks I'm always the back up if a 3rd comes at us or one of the tanks dies. I've had to tank the first boss in there for a while when our tank went down until he could grab it back, and I've done the same in the watcher fight. Usually isnt hard to be 2nd on the threat list as a captain as long as you are doing some damage and heals and things are dying occasionally to use RC. RC is an amazing agro generator since your healing 6 people for a good amount. Of course if your DPS classes are focused purely on the boss you might be hard pressed to hold agro or be 2nd on the threat list, but in most cases, they are also doing something else (killing tentacles regularly or the Armour adds).

    I'm traited HoH for all of the above examples also, LtC might be able to hold agro better, personally I'm not sure it would since a lot of my agro is generated from heals and this also means I'm helping heal the group more so the main healers can focus more on me to keep me alive, I realize I'm not a guard or warden and thus need that extra attention, me healing more gives that to me.

    So, can a captain be a main tank? yes, and they have better mits than if you were to let a hunter tank something. If its smaller group it may in fact be better for the hunter to tank due to the capt being able to heal more often. Would I offer to tank to a PuG on my captain? most likely no, but depending on the instance I would tank and would love to prove all the people wrong that said I couldnt do it since I'm sure when I offered, I'd get quite a few that gave me the same reaction they gave the OP


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