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    looking for relaxed type family kin =)

    Hi all, just made server switch and am looking for a kin that enjoys the lore and intricacies of tolkiens middle earth. looking for relaxed atmosphere just to have fun =)
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    Re: looking for relaxed type family kin =)

    Hi there

    if you would like to try out Friends of Frodo just grab any member and ask them to have an officer contact you or post on our forums


    good luck where ever you decide to call kin
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    Re: looking for relaxed type family kin =)

    Gotta agree with Mag...I have been in a few different kins and this is one sounds like what you are looking for.

    Fun and relaxed but....they know how to lead raids and instances. I mean, who cares if you have fun but never win a Grand Stairs battle, right?

    Good luck and may the orcs lay in piles at your feet.

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    Re: looking for relaxed type family kin =)

    Looking for a relaxed type family kin why not join The Family.

    We are a small group(about 10 or so regulars) that just enjoy having fun. We have several members with 3 years in the game experiance so we can answer most questions or show you were almost anything is. We are not big on the end game but have connection to get you into a group if you are interested. lets see what else can I tell you about us without overwhelming you ... hmmm ... Na I think that should be good for now.

    If you are interested send a tell/in game mail to any of the toons listed below or to Medical/Zedicus/Lyssah or Aeriella/Punkiebella as they tend to be the officers that are on most of the time.

    See you in game.
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    Pie anyone?

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    Talking Re: looking for relaxed type family kin =)

    Lots of fantastic kinships here on Vilya. The UR is another relaxed atmosphere group of well-mannered folks, into the lore and family oriented.

    Here's our general ad, and feel free to browse the site in the signature:
    [B]Magnarr [/B] - Lvl 85 Champion
    Leader, United Races (Vilya server)
    Cofounder and Leader, Vilya Alliance coalition of kinships
    [url]www.UnitedRaces.net[/url] [url]www.VilyaAlliance.com[/url]

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    Re: looking for relaxed type family kin =)

    Please consider the Rangers of Evendim.

    Check out our website. We are med small and are looking for members. We are Rank 10 and have experienced players and have been around this game for a while. Casual but serious players.

    Please check out our website. Below under my signature.
    The Rangers of Evendim
    on Vilya
    Galimdras Profile on My.Lotro.com



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