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    Angry How do you get really good stuff from your crops

    I'm just started cooking and I got up a few tiers ext but I was woundering if there is anyone who can help me getting the max amount of good things in my fields i make because i cannot stand spending 10 minutes shorting out seeds so can somone pls help me soon thanks


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    Re: How do you get really good stuff from your crops

    Good things as in foods? Or good things as in crit items?

    This might be better for the Farmer subforum.

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    Re: How do you get really good stuff from your crops

    You sound like you are talking about getting good harvests in farming, cooking has no control over that.

    First, you need to reach the master level for each tier of farming. Once you have master level, you can use a "critting" item when you make the fields. You cannot use the critting item until after you have completed the master level for the tier of farming. The critting item will be a handful of a special type of soil, different tiers of farming use different types of soil. You can buy the special soil from the same NPC you buy the seeds, water and fertiliser from. This special soil will give you more fair harvests and less poor harvests.

    In the bottom right corner of your crafting panel is a large icon of an anvil with a blue background. If you have not mastered the tier of farming you want, you cannot select that icon. Select the type of crop you want to grow, then click on the blue icon. This will show you exactly what type of special soil you need for that crop. There will be a checkbox you select which will add the special soil when you plant the crop. You will need one handful of soil for every crop you plant. If you want to plant 10 crops of onions, you need 10 handfuls of the correct type of special soil.
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