Hail and well met fine folk of Elendilmir!

I come here representing seven fine players who frequently kinship together on the Elendilmir server ranging in level from 43 to 36 who are looking for a Kinship to call home.

We do not consider ourselves ‘elite’ players though we play for many hours every day and have a good understanding of the quests and the game in general. We are fun loving, laid back, mature acting and extraordinarily helpful to others. Several of us are masters in our crafts.

We would like a kinship that would allow us to participate in raids though not one that would require it.

And we all come as a package deal. :-) Our greatest concern is that we all remain together, but don’t let that put you off! We enjoy one another’s company but we would never exclude others – we do like to help and want to be a part of a larger group.

If there are any Kinships out there that would be interested in a group like this you can contact in game: Anriel, Faldir, Gilandor, Lindorion, Ofeigr, Raydus, and Shamini in alphabetical order!