Your name, or character name and race (if known): Trali Dwarf Gaurdian

Age: (some kinships have real life age limits) 22

Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.): Eastern timezone

Playstyle. (Solo, group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, casual, hardcore, end-game, RP, no RP, time limited, crafter, “I don’t know, I’m new to this kind of game”, etc.): PvE, Raid, Hardcore.. atm im casual do to finals, but once thats over im back to hardcore mode.

MMO games you’ve played:EQ, FFXI, WOW, DAoC, guildwars

Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: I'm a pretty experienced mmo player. I'm always willing to help out others and how to act with people so no drama is started.

What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters) Looking for a kinship that is looking to do end game content once there and really for a good gaming experience.

If you don't see me logged on in game just send me a pm on the forum and ill get back to you since i check the forums daily.