Your name, or character name and race (if known):

I'm currently playing 4 characters and I will eventually pick one of them to be my main. Woman/Captain/Scholar - level 13, Hobbit/Hunter/Tinker - level 13, Elf/Minstrel/Armorer - level 10, Dwarf/Guardian/Woodsman - level 11.

Age: 29 (30 in June)

Location: Missouri

Playstyle: Still learning but I want to do everything the game has to offer. The only think I'm not really interested in is PvP

Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: To be fair, I'm fairly new to MMORPG on this scale. I've never played any of the biggers games, I have played a couple of the smaller, not so well known ones. I don't know yet if I'll have much to bring. So far, I'm enjoying playing solo and exploring the game. I've never been in a Kinship, or even a fellowship so I don't know a lot about how it works. I need a Kinship that doesn't mind noobs..

What kind of kinship you are looking for: I would prefer a guild that doesn't mass recruit..i'm more interested in a small, closs knit guild. I'm a casual player, I work full-time and I'm working on my Bachelor's degree in the evenings so that takes up a lot of time. I will mostly be online in the evenings that I don't have class and on the weekends (weekends when I don't have a project to work on!) I wouldn't mind a guild with players that are working on more than one character. I'm less interested in leveling up quickly than I am in exploring the game and maximizing my game experience (by playing multi-races/types/professions..etc).

I can be contacted in game with the following names: Chrystal, Severus, Satine, or Laurell