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    Any casual kinships recruiting

    Just wondering if any casual kinships are recruiting currently. I play about 10-15 hours a week, and I have been playing since 2007 on and off. My highest character is a level 56 captain, and I am currently leveling him and my level 11 minstrel.

    I had a nice kinship this time last year, but a death in the family caused me to miss about a weeks time and when I logged back on, I was kicked from that kinship.

    As of now, I am working 25 hours a week while going to college, and I have a girlfriend, so I play when I can play, and I love playing. So if anyone is looking for a casual player, let me know!

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    Try Avatars of Lost Light. They are very laid back, casual, and friendly. I don't have a point of contact for them but I know a few are in glff, just ask for an officer of theirs there.

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    I can hook you up with a kin, if you haven't found one
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    I have a very small kinship with a bunch of people I've known online for a number of years, and it's open to casual players. I work a full-time management job and dabble in other games to keep my gaming from feeling stale, but I'm online in some form every day if a kinmate is in a bind. If you're interested: http://legacyofnarsilion.guildlaunch.com/
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    I'm looking for a casual kinship to join. I just got in the game recently so i'm pretty new to it. I tried it a few months ago but it was only for one day. I'm not on much during the week but weekends i'm on a lot. My in game name is Lukecoolhair. Feel free to send me a whisper.

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    I too am looking for a Kin, I'm an elderly gentlemen now enjoying retirement and just came back after 7 years being away so kind of back in noob status, things are coming back to me though and have yet to fellowship so would like to join a Kin, right now I'm working on a lvl 27 hunter named Enderbow.

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    Check out Sanctuary. We are a very casual kin that loves to help each other.

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    www.guild-sanctuary.com to register and apply on Elendilmir server. They are a great group of people.

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    I'm sure glad I came back and viewed the forums

    Gai and Octaviane, I just came from Sanctuary's web site registered and am awaiting approval.


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    I guess it depends on how 'casual' of a kin you're looking for, but I might have a solution for you.

    I've been a LOTRO player since 2007/2008 and have always been in a 2-3 person kinship (my closest friends). Within the last few years, both of them have left for a variety of reasons, so it is just me left. Our kinship still lives (I am single-handedly keeping it alive whilst clinging to the hope that my friends might rejoin me someday), so obviously there will be no requirements expected of you here. :P

    I've done pretty much every instance, quest, and raid at least once (not saying that I am good at them, just that I've done them) and will be more than happy to run each and every one of them again with you. I have some alts around your level at the moment, so if you need some help in Moria (or wherever you happen to be) I'd be happy to assist you.

    My main alt in game is Beregost, but I have a lot of alts. Even if you'd rather not join my pretty much dead kinship (which I understand, trust me) I would still love to play with you or help you out if you need it.

    Send me a message via mail in game if you're interested! Again, my main is Beregost, but I play somewhat frequently on my minstrel (Paam), captain (Rebecker), and Champion (Kafu).

    (To anyone who may be viewing this, even if you're not the OP, this invitation applies to you as well!!)
    Beregost, Rebecker, and Paam - Actively saving Middle Earth since 2008!
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    Hammer of Wrath is looking for a few more people. We run most of the Big Battles and plat most of them, as well as want to get some T2 instances going again - prior to Osgiliath.

    Find us in-game - usually people on from 6 PM EDT on in the evenings.
    Krysfaerun (105 Minstrel), Wyrana (105 Guardian), Krysfrune (105 Rune-Keeper), Krysbruin (105 Beorning), Voxmoney (40 Warden), Merrykrysmas (40 Burglar) - Vox Immortalis
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