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    Looking for kinship

    I am brand spanking new to LOTRO and just looking for a nice Kinship to call home while I learn the game and level up.

    Name: Helyon, lvl 5(currently) Elf Hunter
    Age: 31 years young
    Server: Brandywine
    Location: Ohio, EST

    Playstyle: Casual player that likes to group and raid when able.

    MMO games you’ve played: WoW, EQ2, Aion, Warhammer, Rift.

    What do you offer kinships?: Very down to earth and easy to get along with, I enjoy helping others when I am able to do so.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for: Newb friendly, helpful, fun and laid back kinship that is also organized and running instances/raids or is planning to do so in the future.

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    Smile Kinship in vilya

    Server: Vilya

    Character: Biorien (Loremaster, level 41)
    Location: Australia (although im spanish)

    I am not a usual player, as i have uni and work. I play when i can, once or twice a week.
    I love doing quests, exploring and crafting. I also like doing skirmishes or instances in a group.

    I am interested in a not too big kinship. Something friendly, where there is enough people, but not too big that you dont get to know anyone really well. I put a big emphasis on crafting, so i like when there are more people like me, to whom i can give the stuff i craft if i have spare or find recipes, and who can help me if i need something.

    In the game i have the rise of isengard expansion pack and some other places like moria or evendim.

    Lotro is the only mmo i've played s far (although im looking foward for the elder scrolls online).
    I have to say that i used to be in a kinship, looong time ago, but i got really pissed off in the way they treated me and i've been playing solo ever since [ http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...hip&highlight= ]

    If you are interested, just PM me in here or at the game

    Edit: to add the link to the forum message that explains what happened with my previous kinship


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    Looking for a kin that groups up a lot

    Hey everyone. I am looking to join a kin that does a lot of group content together. I consider myself a well rounded player, having played nearly every class to level cap. I love doing raid content on challenge mode, but I probably can't be counted on to be hardcore raiding all the time due to a crazy work schedule. That being said, I also enjoy non-challenge-mode content as well. Really what I am trying to be a part of is kin who would rather play the game together instead of separately.

    Your name, or character name and race (if known): Please PM Kidron or send me a message through mylotro.
    Age: (some kinships have real life age limits) 33
    Preferred server(s), if any. (This is not needed, just for kinship info.): I am currently on Landroval, but would either transfer or reroll provided the kin is a good fit.
    Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.): EST
    Playstyle: Group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, hardcore, end-game, light RP,
    MMO games you’ve played: Too many to count. Some of my favs have been: Everquest, Shadowbane, Dark Age of Camelot.
    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: I am a lighthearted guy who knows when to have fun and when to be serious. I am patient with people, and would rather help someone out who might be struggling in a group instead of belittling them. People say I am easy to get along with, and I make friends easily.

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    LF: Kin on Imladris

    Brioche (Hobbit Minstrel), Level 42, Eastemnet Jeweller
    Age: 27
    Preferred server: Imladris
    Location: USA, EST/GMT-5
    Play-style: Group, PvE, Casual, Crafting.
    MMORPG's I have played: DDO, Neverwinter, Fiesta, Runescape, Runes of Magic, WOW, Project of Planets, FF:XIV CB.

    I am F2P, been playing 5+ years. I have purchased the Isengard expansion and some of the individual packs. I have the Eastern Rohan quest pack, but do not have the Erebor Instances.

    I am looking for a kinship with a Family Friendly atmosphere. Specifically I'd like a kin that refrains from using mature language in game and on voice chat. I believe the game can be fully enjoyed without bringing offensive language or hate speech into the environment.

    Thanks in Advance...

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    Your name, or character name and race (if known):

    Echie, Hobbit, Hunter, 66
    Zinshiraz, Man, Warden, 35
    Cerebella, Elf, Lore-Master 33

    Age: 40something

    Preferred server(s), if any.: Brandywine (only)

    Location.: CST


    Casual, enjoy game content and lore. Looking to do more than solo gameplay

    MMO games you’ve played:

    WoW, Rift, Conan, Skyrim, Diablo, Everquest

    Why kinships should be interested in you.:

    Social, fellowships, helping get storybook quests done, raiding

    What kind of kinship you are looking for.:

    Casual, friendly

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    Name, class: I've a Human lvl 15 lore master on Brandywine (Ulrosul) I'm trying out but am certainly willing to roll a new character on another server.

    Age: 30+

    Location: Pacific time/GMT -8

    Playstyle: Light RP, Questing, PvE, Solo and small groups, very interested in Crafting

    Other details: I'm a fan of the LoTR series (anyone who actually read the Silmarillion in one go deserves a medal, I can tell you) and joined the game hoping to have fun and craft while giving the Servants of the Eye what-for. I consider myself a mature player and am just looking to have fun and perhaps help others out when I'm capable of doing so.
    I'm not an experienced MMO player though I've played a good deal of single player RPGs (from the original Diablo to Skyrim and plenty in-between). I did play LoTRO a year or so ago but life got in the way and I'm coming back to it.

    I'm hoping to find a casual, friendly and mature kinship to be in, to be helped and to help leveling and crafting. I like the idea of helping newer players too.

    On the timing front, there aren't any guarantees. My time is hardly my own most days; though the breaks are generally short, I may have to jump out of the game with no notice. Voice chat is also a no-go for the start because of the light sleeper (I can use headphones, I can't speak without possibly waking the sprog). This will be the situation for a few months at least. I'm generally available most days of the week in the evenings my time (GMT -8).

    If you're okay with an MMO newbie who's looking to play with others at his own level (it's no fun running with a lvl 75 if I'm at 5!) and to craft items, do send me a message on the forums here, or send a PM to Ulrosul on Brandywine.
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    I'm lvl 68 guardian on Windfola. Also have a lvl 29 Hunter alt, and recently started a cappy.

    I am looking for a kinship with a sizable, active base of mature, helpful and respectful players. I do not have alot of group experience, so I am looking for people who are helpful and willing to tolerate/train someone who is new to instances, but I catch on quickly. I love to group, so I am social in that sense, but I am not chatty at all, and I refuse to do VC.

    I am mature, but I am playing through the game for fun. I play fairly frequently, if not for overly long, usually at night (US Central Time). I am willing to help lower lvl kinnies, in the same way that I would expect to be helped. If interested send and IN GAME LETTER to Haltholir with any questions and/or further information.

    "Do not meddle in the affairs of Guardians for they are subtle and quick to SHIELD-BASHING, FOE-RENDING FURY!"

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    Prague, Czech Republic
    Character: Athiel, 28 Elf Hunter

    Age: 38

    Server: Laurelin (EN-RP)

    Location: Czech Republic (GMT +1), although originally from the UK.

    Playstyle: Solo, Group, PVE, Raids, Casual, Crafting, Light RP

    MMOs played: EQ1, EQ2, SWG, WoW (longest periods), many others for a few weeks/months

    What can I offer a kinship?: I am an "old school" player so I believe MMOs should be social games where people do stuff together, are helpful and polite and want to enjoy the game together. Ths is the attitude I bring to the game and any kinship.

    What am I looking for in a kinship?: Most of all active and social. I like to have people to chat to while playing and also the opportunity to do stuff together. Ideally a kin that is mature, fun and friendly. I play quite a lot but am quite casual, so nothing too hardcore as I just can't fit that around RL any more.

    I played a lot of LOTRO in the past and stopped around the time SoM launched. Now I am back and starting over since my main was a guardian (on Evernight) and I don't want to play him any more.

    Hope to find a great kin!

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    our name, or character name and race (if known): Guthrolf, dwarf champion. Currently level 14

    Age: (some kinships have real life age limits): 21

    Preferred server(s), if any. (This is not needed, just for kinship info.): I'm currently in Laurelin

    Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.): Bahrain (GMT +3 but I play within GMT/EST timezone)

    Playstyle. (Solo, group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, casual, hardcore, end-game, RP, no RP, time limited, crafter, “I don’t know, I’m new to this kind of game”, etc.): I'm new to the game but I can see myself later on grouping, soloing, raiding, end-game, crafting and just experiencing pretty much everything.

    MMO games you’ve played: WoW, Neverwinter

    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: I'm the kind of person who is friendly, helpful and relaxed. I can offer a kinship an active player who will participate in its events, help out whenever needed, active in its community and so forth.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for.: Looking for an ACTIVE (INGAME AND SOCIALLY) kinship with a decent player size who is friendly towards newer players and also serious about the game.
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    Your name: Shadowziel

    Preferred server: Brandywine

    Location. Cincinnati, Ohio

    Playstyle: I'm kinda new to this game. Been soloing but like to group and do quests and raids when I can.

    MMO games you’ve played: Just about every one. Big Ones are UO, EQ, WOW, FFII

    Why kinships should be interested in you. I'm a above average casual player but when I play I play for fun. I know when to be serious when the the time calls for it.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for. I am looking for a Kinship that knows this is JUST a game and is laid back and relaxed but likes to do raids too. I am not looking to join any new or small kinships either.


    Cleaning up the freep infestation in the Moors , one bite at a time.


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    Your name, or character name and race: Maeflower (Hobbit)
    Age: 23, approaching 24
    Preferred server(s), if any: Withywindle
    Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.): US, EST (GMT -5) I'm on Saturday, Monday, most mornings, and pretty much any day after 8:30pm EST.
    Playstyle. (Solo, group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, casual, hardcore, end-game, RP, no RP, time limited, crafter, “I don’t know, I’m new to this kind of game”, etc.): Primarily PvE, and I prefer to quest solo, but I loooooooove doing group content, from duoing skirms all the way on up to full-group raids. This toon is still low-leveled, so I won't be up for end-game anytime soon, but once I get there, I'll certainly be willing to join end-game raids.
    MMO games you’ve played: Runescape, Star Wars: the Old Republic, LotRO (just back after a year's break)
    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?:
    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters): I'm very active most of the time, and I'm perfectly willing to lead groups as long as I've been through an instance before a time or two. Plus, I'm a healer, which always seem to be in demand. I can't guarantee that I'll always be the best or most efficient healer, but I follow directions and do my best every time out.

    Hope to hear from someone soon!

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    Looking for Kinship in Crickhollow

    Character name: Kalglodril Psarianos, Champion of the Lone-Lands, Level 32 Elven hunter ( alts: Ecthil, Friend Of The Mark, Level 16 Human Warden)

    Play Style: I mainly solo, but enjoy group skirmish's and instances.

    I play a few MMO's (LoL, DCU, Neverwinter etc) and know how to work well with my characters. I know who to attack at what times and what combos to use both playing solo and with a group. I have a good working knowledge of how Lotro works so can help those who are stuck.

    I would like the Kinship to be disciplined and helpful, but still remain lively and with good banter. I would like the Kinship to be large and have a large number of members that converse and play a lot.

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    Noob Looking For Kinship

    Hail and well met! I just started playing last night and I am enjoying it so far.

    Your name, or character name and race (if known): Dwelameer (Pronounced: Dwell-uh-meer), Gondor, Captain Level 14
    Age: 26
    Location.: Northeast Florida, USA, EST. My hours of operation vary due to school, work, and insomnia.
    Playstyle.: Solo, Group, Raid, and anything else I can get in to.
    MMO games you’ve played: Aion, Guild Wars 2, Champions Online, DC Universe, Rift, Star Wars: KOTOR
    Why kinships should be interested in you.: I enjoy playing video games and I have tons of free time that I can invest in increasing my skill and participating in events.
    What kind of kinship you are looking for.: I just want a kinship that is respectful and active.
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    Looking for a kinship

    Hello, I am looking for an active kinship with people whom are willing to help a new person to this kind of game.I am retired, so I play a few times a day, usually evenings and late night. I am on the ease coast of USA, in the green mountains of Vermont. I am in a kinship now with 2 friends, but that is all there is, just us 3. The head guy has taught me how to fight, use trap, etc. I am now lvl 32, elf, hunter. I have permission to go find a kinship that has players that are there to help with quests if need, etc. I am on the Withywindle server, name is Stormfall, and Golallorn, whom is lvl 28 now. Thank you, Rose

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    Your name, or character name and race Five active Characters, one hobbit Citlo, two elves Joelas, and Joeran, one dwarf Joromur and one man, Pembert.

    Age: over 50.

    Preferred server(s), Brandywine

    Location. Southwest of Boston Mass - Eastern US Time Zone

    Playstyle. I have been doing nothing but playing solo. That has worked well up until now, but now I can see that there are quests that I will be unable to use the reward if I have to wait until I am strong enough to complete the instance solo.

    MMO games you’ve played: None

    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: I am willing to help others. I have not applied to a kin before now because I am not very consistent when I sign on...so it can be tough for me to help others, or join raids etc all the time. All my characters are lvl 45 - 50. I have no problem helping others out when I am online, and hope to get aid fro others in taking care of some of the more difficult quests for my level.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters): I am looking for an adult group, that is not completely hard core gaming. I am looking for a group that will help members when needed, not demand certain participation to be a member.

    Please contact Citlo, or Pembert in the game and let me know if you have room for us.

    Thank you ,

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    character name and race: Agrimmar/Dwarf
    Age: 20
    Preferred server(s), if any.:Landroval
    Location. :eastern USA
    Playstyle. (Solo, group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, casual, hardcore, end-game, RP, no RP, time limited, crafter, “I don’t know, I’m new to this kind of game”, etc.):PvE/RP
    MMO games you’ve played: EverQuest, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft
    Why kinships should be interested in you. What do you offer kinships?:Well there is really nothing I can offer because I am new but I am a great listener and once I am able to, a great helper.
    What kind of kinship you are looking for: One that isn't ashamed of helping out a newbie. I love to have fun and enjoy games as much as possible.

    Either contact me in game or leave me a message on here and we can work out a meeting in game.
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    Looking for a kinship

    I’m looking for a kinship for one (or more) of these characters

    Dwarrowdelf: Tilulilu 85 elf hunter, Huromil 85 elf lore-master, Anwarion 25 elf warden
    Landroval: Dilmund 12 dwarf champion (just started in Landroval)
    Laurelin: Corch 12 human burglar (just started in Laurelin)

    AGE: 40

    LOCATION: I live in Finland so my timezone is GMT+2.

    Playstyle: I’m an experienced pve soloer and crafter. I like the questing and character leveling/tuning, but I’m not too busy to take a breather and admire the scenery or have a friendly conversation. I play a lot daily at different times of the day and I include all my caharacters in my playtime, so none of them is “retired”. I have been playing in non-rp to light-rp mode thus far, but the roleplaying aspect has begun to interest me more. That’s why I have started playing also in Landroval and Laurelin. I’m going to take it very slow though until I get more experience and confidence in rp.

    I haven’t played much in groups, but that is something I might be willing to learn. I don’t rule out pvp content either in the future, if I get interested in that.

    OTHER MMOs: None. I am wholly concentrating on Lotro although I’m waiting for trying ESO when it comes available. Tolkien context makes Lotro THE MMO for me though.

    WHAT DO I OFFER FOR KINSHIPS: I offer a mature, active and friendly player, relaxed and polite. I can be serious or join in the fun and joking as the situation requires. I’m easy to get along with and I don’t like needless drama. I might be a bit reserved and quiet until I get to know people better. I’m willing to be generous and a dedicated member if and when I feel that I’m fully part of the kinship. I’m also more than happy to help kinspeople with crafting and questing (and with group content when I get more exp at it)

    WHAT KIND OF KINSHIP I AM LOOKING FOR: Friendly, mature and respectful kin, one that has the same qualities I’m willing to bring in (see above). It does not matter that much whether you are established or new and growing, but I’m looking for a kinship that is active. Roleplaying aspect can vary from non-existent to ligth/medium. I will be doing my own “thing” (questing, leveling, crafting) and also participate and modify my activities according to my kinship interests.

    Contact me in game or leave a message if your kin is interested.

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    Hi all

    i'm looking for Kinship (in Meneldor server)

    my pg is Morir captain lvl 18 (human), i'm 23 yo, i speak italian and english (sometimes, when i'm drunk russian too :P)
    first experience in lotronline, i've played for years to lineageII:P

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    How do you play

    Quote Originally Posted by Barahir View Post
    Perhaps we can get this thread set up as a sticky to prevent it from falling down the line?
    how do you play this game

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    Good morning/afternoon/evening all!

    Your name, or character name and race: Chudzilla, level 26 Captain

    Age: 27

    Preferred server: Crickhollow

    Location. (Timezone preference: I'm in the UK, so GMT or BST or whatever we're using at the minute...but could be on any time of day or night! Because of my job I might not be on for weeks at a time but then on every day for a month, strange I know.

    Playstyle: Loving the Epic questline, so currently just soloing but as more fellowship quests and skirmishes come up I'm finding the need for other players to team up with. I kind of have a habit of trying to complete every quest in an area (regardless of tedium factor) before moving on... OCD much? Might as well get the most out of a game! Up for anything really, except PvP and PvMP (unless they take my fancy at a later date).

    MMO games you’ve played: First and only so far!

    Why kinships should be interested in you: Well despite the fact I'm mainly soloing at the minute I see the potential my character has to play a support role so I'm looking to offer this out and develop it alongside others.
    I'm a sociable and outgoing person who can get on with anyone. Never any grief with me!

    What kind of kinship you are looking for: I'm not a hardcore gamer so that sort of kinship wouldn't appeal to me much. Just keeping it casual, yet with still enough peeps to play with and chat with most of the time. I'd rather a kinship with more mature players as well because of my age.

    Looking forward to hearing from ya! (Hopefully, ha)


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    Server: Riddermark

    Character: Kondo - Lv39 Hobbit Burglar - Explorer

    Age: 24

    Location: Vietnam. I know English good enough to communicate with people.

    Playtime: As my time zone is +7 GMT, I often log in when it is morning at where server locates.

    Other MMOs: I used to play Lineage 2 for about 3 years, then jumped from game to game until I stop at LOTRO 2 years ago. Now I play Grand Chase together with LOTRO

    I'm what you called a casual grinder, as long as the grind is good enough to motivate me. I like to grind gears (as long as it doesn't not rely on luck), enjoy the lore, collect outfist and talk to people with sense of humour. However, my playstyle is being threatened as the grind becomes something tiresome and my old Vietnamese kin is inactive. Now I'm pretty much alone all time in the game

    Why do I want to join a kinship?
    Because I want to have people to talk to and have fun with. I need to remind myself that I'm playing a MMORPG, not a solo game with some multiplayer.

    What do I expect from a kinship?
    I want to join a light raiding kinship who often do group content together. However, I don't mind about a casual kin where I can chit chat and leisurely enjoy my time in game. I know that I'm a nighter in the server time, so it would be nice if I can join a nighter kin too.


    My love for LOTRO is currently dying. I really need a good kinship environment in Riddermark to be my Beacon of Hope

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    Dallas, Texas

    Kinship, Maybe?

    Character: Kynthia Lvl 45 Guardian Elf

    Age: 21, 22 in September for those who are curious.

    Server: Brandywine

    Location: Central Standard Time, USA

    Playstyle: Solo preferably, unless fellowship is required or if people just need someone to tag along.

    MMO Game History: Conan Unchained, Arcane Saga, Tera, League of Legends, Fiesta, Perfect World, ECT.. But trust me nothing compares to Lotro.

    Why kinships should be interested in you? What do you offer kinships?: Well to be honest I am not gonna sit here and bull&&&& you or tell you that I'm some sort of "hot &&&&". Cause I'm really not all that different from any other average gamer. A few good traits though; I am friendly and I can be helpful to those in need. Almost 9 times out of 10 I would be willing to trade or give stuff I do not need away that someone else may find useful. I am an active player so I most likely will be on sometime of the day unless work prevents that. I maybe one of the few people online these days that enjoys the simple conversation of others. Also, I find that I can get along with pretty much anyone.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for?: Personally I want an active kinship who is kind and friendly. One that doesn't mind just conversing, or isn't always worried about skirmishes and raids. A kinship that allows people to trade freely, help others, make friends and doesn't require you to join every fellowship asked of you. A mature kinship with a diverse range of player levels and classes. A group that has a sense of humor. Over all any group that would appreciate having someone new join their kin.

    Also note: I have been invited to quite a few kinships but for some reason most of the ones people refer to me, die within a week if not the same day. So I really would like a kinship that as been active for quite sometime and people really enjoy being a part of, I don't care about the member count.
    I hope I don't sound to picky. :3

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    Character: Celollost - Level 18 Minstrel (Man)

    Age: 22

    Server: Withywindle

    Location: Eastern Standard Time, USA

    Playstyle: Depends on my mood. I prefer small groups most of the time.

    MMO Game History: Wow, EverQuest

    Why kinships should be interested in you? What do you offer kinships?: I don't mind helping others out with quests, crafting, etc., even if it's not giving me any benefit. I enjoy having others to work with and talk to while playing LOTRO.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for?: An active kinship where there is a good social vibe, but also one where people are willing to help with Quests and Instances occasionally.

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    Hey guys

    Hey guys whats up, my names Cal and im from the UK. I recentley started playing LOTRO after waiting 4 years for a proper LOTR game..but under my nose I had no idea of this game haha! Im looking for just a group of people to quest, adventure and just have fun with? I dont have a headset because I use Skype so either pm me in game (Boromide) or skype me (cdanielsxxx)


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    Server: Vilya
    Toons: Lvl 35 Champ/Lvl 16 Hunter
    Just looking for a very casual kin with friendly people to talk about Lotro and share advice.


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