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    Mar 2013
    Hi, im 34 and just started playing LORTO again after a 3 year break, im looking for a guild that is very active. I would really like to join a guild that raids at least once a week. I will start a new character if need be because im really interested in meeting new people and experience end game content. I have a lvl 45 hunter on gladden right now named mythshot, hit me up anytime in game or email. looking forward to hearing from you!

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    New to the game...Looking for Adult EST Kinship

    Your name, or character name and race (if known): Rich

    Age: (some kinships have real life age limits) 31

    Preferred server(s), if any. (This is not needed, just for kinship info.): Does not matter.

    Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.): New York

    Playstyle. (Solo, group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, casual, hardcore, end-game, RP, no RP, time limited, crafter, “I don’t know, I’m new to this kind of game”, etc.):

    I like raiding and dungeons mainly buy i also enjoy group pvp

    MMO games you’ve played: I have been playing MMO's for 11 years. I have played many at an end game level.

    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?:

    I am a team player. I enjoy being in a helpful and friendly atmosphere. I do not tolerate racism sexism or any other ism that ignorantly offends. I enjoy the lore but i am not an RPer.
    I am looking to play a melee Dps/supprt or Tank role. Tank preferred.
    I do not have any high level toons. Once I find a good Kin I will dedicate myself to lvling the needed class.

    You can contact me through the lotro forum mail.

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    Apr 2012

    Hobbit Hunter looking for Kin

    Your name, or character name and race (if known): Ankushhunter (lvl 23) call me Ankush
    Age: 28
    Preferred server(s), if any. (This is not needed, just for kinship info.):Elendilmir
    Location: I m from India.
    Playtime: GMT 1 pm to 8 pm weekdays. all day weekends while i m not asleep.
    Playstyle:love raiding. I am hardcore gamer.
    MMO games you’ve played:WoW for 4 years till cata. This is my first char in lotro.
    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?:
    I play seriously while raiding for all other times I like to have fun.
    With my wow exp I am sure that I can catch up fast on whatever lotro has to offer. So far liked this game and looking forward to kin who are looking for long term association.
    I am altoholic and would like to have more alts in same guild (obviously constraint to 2 slots , wish guild has more branches on other realms)
    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters):
    For me Kin is place whr you help each other in terms of guidance, trading mats, helping craft and most importantly have FUN.
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    Hello there folks!

    Your name, or character name and race (if known):

    Age: (some kinships have real life age limits):

    Preferred server(s), if any. (This is not needed, just for kinship info.):
    Meneldor, Nimrodel, and most preferred Snowbourn

    Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.):
    USA, CA, PDT

    Playstyle. (Solo, group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, casual, hardcore, end-game, RP, no RP, time limited, crafter, “I don’t know, I’m new to this kind of game”, etc.):
    Well, when I had first started playing LOTRO, I played with a group of friends where it was 4 of us. We had established a clan and then eventually we all stopped playing. My playstyle currently is Solo, a bit of casual and a bit of hardcore. I definitely do not mind group play at all since I'm trying to get into a kinship Since I'm not exactly at endgame level (at least I don't consider myself on that level yet), but give me some time and I'll get there! I'm pretty much cool with any playstyle though I'm not sure what is meant by time limited. Also, I crafted a LOT back when I played back then so I definitely don't mind crafting for a few people (or getting there). I suppose you could say that I'm a jack of all trades =P

    MMO games you’ve played:
    The ones that I can remember are WOW, and the one from kill3r combo. I forget lol.

    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?:
    I'm on LOTRO now pretty often, almost every day for a good period of time. I also like helping people do quests and depending on the character that I'm on, I can craft for kinship fellows. Also, once I like the place and I'm comfortable with it, I'm doubtful to leave.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters):
    The kinship that I'm looking for is a kinship in which I can become an asset to. One that I can help and be helped by, whether it means to have some help getting a weapon or armor or something (and giving in return of course). The most important part to me is to just have fun and to hang out while kicking monster butt. To be in a kinship that's laid back, fun, friendly, and is awesome, like me 8)

    Oh! Last thing! I will be extremely easy to reach on Snowbourn with my Asduilbeth character in case anyone has a question or anything

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    Name: Willameena, Woman, Lore Mistress
    Age: Nearly 50
    Preferred server: Landroval
    Location. : UK, so any TZ range GMT to GMT +/- 3
    Playstyle. : RP, solo, group and some crafting.
    MMO games you’ve played: Guild wars, Eve online, NWN on a few PWs.
    Why kinships should be interested in you. I like to think I'm a serious minded player with a wicked sense of humour.
    What kind of kinship you are looking for: a kin of mature roleplayers

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    Looking for a kin

    Hello, my character name is Panthan and I am a human minstrel and I have just hit level 69.

    Age: I am 29 years old and play on the Gladden server only.

    I am from the UK and am on most evenings and through the days at weekends.

    My play style is solo at the moment but I want that to change as even though I am up to level 69, I have done very very little group playing and I chose a minstrel to do just that! I would like to take part in many raids and experience as much content as possible. I'm not really into farming as that gets very boring very quickly but will always be happy to do a couple of runs of the same instance before switching to another.

    So I'm looking for a kinship that does some lower level instances that I can participate in to get my healing skills up to speed and then take part in the more challenging instances that have nice juicy rewards. I'm also a tailor and happy to do any crafting for other members.



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    Champion LF Kinship - willing to transfer


    I am a VIP subscriber and play a level 50 Champion. An MMO vet of 14 years, I am looking for a kinship that would be considered hardcore, but works around working professionals. I am currently on Withywindle but would be happy to transfer for the right kinship. Ideally one where not every player is at end-game and waiting for me to get to 85; but has either alts or a few other players leveling up as well. I am also a huge Tolkien fan and like to follow the story of the game.

    Must have a website and willing to use VOIP. Scheduled events for end game is a must (or planned if we are not all at end game yet) and earned spots in raid is a plus. Things I would look for would be active forums, and low membership turnover. Things I would offer is: a longterm member (in 14 years I've been in 3 hardcore guilds), skilled player (not that I am the perfect champion, but I don't wipe raids and I study instances and boss fights).

    Please PM me if interested, and thank you for your consideration.

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    LF Kinship- Withywindle

    Active player with 7 characters looking for a good sized guild on Withywindle. Characters are as follows:

    Diramod- Man Guardian currently level 31. Crafting Vocation: Armorer.

    Tohirin- Elf Hunter currently level 30. Crafting Vocation: Woodsman.

    Lorhirin- Elf Warden currently level 28. Crafting Vocation: Armsman.

    Taramod- Man Captain currently level 26. Crafting Vocation: Historian.

    Tarhirin- Elf Guardian currently level 21. Crafting Vocation: Armorer.

    Dannod- Man champion currently level 24. Crafting Vocation: Explorer.

    Aranmod- Man Captain currently level 12. Crafting Vocation: Tinker.

    Any Kinship representatives interested can send in-game mail to Diramod.

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    Lodhonir Elf Hunter (Level 27 currently but on regularly)
    43 years old
    BrandyWine Server
    Thailand so looking for Oceanic timezone server.
    No Limit to Playstyle will play all when at relevant level. Willing to help all.
    MMO games you’ve played:Lotro(when it was codemasters but was unable to transfer toon). Legends of Mir, Path of Exiles,BF3.

    I am looking for an active and mature kinship that helps each other. Aiming to be the best i can and help others in anyway i can.
    I find being in a Kin encourages ppl more to level together and progress further in the Game.

    Message me ingame if you have spaces and i fit your Kin Criteria.


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    Adult player looking for Mature Kin on Gladden

    As the title says, I'm an adult player looking for a kin that is mature in age and game knowledge.

    I've been playing the game with great enthusiasm for a little more than a year (started approx 2011 Yule Fest). I have 1 player at the level cap, 2 @ 75, and 2 mid level characters (one I'm building now, the other is stagnant and just for crafting).

    I am active in chat and very active assisting my kinnies with whatever they need: quest assistance, gear, craft materials, kin events, etc. I like & respect my current kin leadership immensely, but would really appreciate running with an older age group with more experience to share.

    I play mostly during the day (EDT) and occasionally late in the evening.

    I spend most of my time soloing, for several reasons: 1. the game is more challenging, 2. fellowing with kids (most of my current kinnies) can be chaotic & wearisome, and 3. I play mostly during the day, but not always without distraction.

    I haven't done too much in the Moors, but plan on exploring that more now that I'm at level cap.

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    LOOKING For Kin=]

    Name: Gingamir/lvl35Champion
    Age: 20
    Location: USA,EST Timezone, CricketHollow server.
    MMO Games: RS, WOW,
    PlayStyle: Solo, Group or many people. I love playing with other people because it makes the game a lot more entertaining and fun to play with.=]
    Why Kinships Should be Interested In me: I am an active player who will contribute his best to make the kin better. I am mature and love to just play and have a good time. I have played Lotro 2 years ago and am going to start continuing playing again so I thought, I should join a Kin.
    What Kind of Kinship am i Looking for? Well, a Kinship that is active, has members that can help when needed and just a fun bunch of guys who can be mature and erratic at the same time. A kinship that helps its members and we all grow as a result is the best kinship.
    Thank you =]

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    Wife and I are looking

    Character name & race (if known): Idhremben, Level 25, Elf Guardian, Wythwindle, Armsmen just started in weaponsmith guild
    Character name & race (if known): Glamordis, Level 26 Elf Hunter, Wythwindle, Explorer, just started Tailor guild

    Personal info: Married couple mid 30's, Minnesota USA, usually play together for 30 mins to 3 hours late evenings.
    Play Style: Solo, we fellowships with each other very frequently, don't know many other people online. crafting.
    History of MMO's, just this one, this is our first time through, but having a blast.

    The current kinship we're in has 20+ people, and we never seem to be online at the same time, would really love a kinship to share things we've crafted, and more importantly to join instances. Didn't realize how important until we started attempting to tackle the Great Barrow maze together.

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    Nov 2012
    Vancouver, WA

    Talking Natalysa on Crickhollow

    Found a kin
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    Casual kinship in Europe

    Main character name and race: Gamnild(25) hobbit ministrel on Vilya, Gerdbi(25) dwarf rune-keeper on Snowbourn
    Age: 32, male
    Preferred server(s): Vilya, Snowbourn
    Location: Hungary, Europe, playing usually after 20:00 CET weekdays, sometimes on weekends (speaking Hungarian, English and German)
    Playstyle: Casual, group preferred, no RP, PvE, relaxed
    MMO games you’ve played: WoW - from BC until summer 2012, WotLK endgame content healer / DPS as shaman.

    About me / what kind of kinship I would like to join:
    I am looking for a casual kinship with active players, who can help me in leveling / being a good healer in LOTRO, have fun and chat. As an experienced healer in WoW, I hope I can support the kinship whenever healing is needed. As VIP player I have access to most content, I have expansion packs Moria, Mirkwood, RoR currently.

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    New to Game, looking for kinship - Landroval server

    I have been playing LotRo for 2 weeks, and so far am enjoying the game. The only thing missing for me now is being part of a kinship.

    I am looking for a kinship where role playing is optional, and who welcomes new players. I am an experienced MMO player, and for most of the last 6 years have played Everquest 2, with a short break for SWTOR. In this time I have played all different play styles from casual fluffiness to hardcore raiding.

    I am mature, sociable and drama free, and would like a kinship which is active and would have players online for most of the day in the euro time zone.

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    Returning after 4 years - looking for an RP Kinship


    Server: Gladden
    Main Character: 41 Guardian

    I'm looking for a friendly and kind kinship that is at a minimum RP friendly and adult/mature oriented.
    I'm a casual player now (used to play this for hours/days on end) and just looking to enjoy the gameworld now, have some fun, make new friends.

    I can't promise I'll play everyday. It's more like, I may play for a few months, then focus on other things and then return again to play some more. I can say for sure that I will keep playing my character for the lifetime of the game.

    I'd like to focus more on having casual fun and social interaction than on hardcore gameplay. I don't care for players who take the game so seriously they freak out if you don't do something the way they like.

    My long-term intention is to play through the entire main storyline as new expansions come out even if takes years to do so.

    I will probably always have this account until the game finally shuts down.

    My ideal RP kinship would have a website and some kind of creative storyline going on that I can dovetail into. My minimum would simply be an RP friendly kinship populated by thoughtful kind people.

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    Friendly, casual kinship?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for a kinship that is casual and is full of cool, level headed folks. I really enjoy MMO's, but my experience is that WoW and SWG have been overrun by rude, impatient and petulant people. This does not make for fun gaming.

    I shall follow the format of the OP, if it please you.

    Your name, or character name and race (if known): Gabriel. Character = Aeryndas, Level 23 Hobbit Burglar. (First LoTRO toon)

    Age: 27

    Preferred server(s): Only the one toon on Silverlode, am open to suggestions though.

    Location: Manitoba, Canada. Timezone is CST. Though I should mention that my work requires that I work evenings some days, and day hours at other times. I am usually free 3-4 days a week though, so I will be around to contribute often enough.

    Playstyle: Solo, group, PvE. I'm not hardcore into stat math or flawless raid performance. While I would love to learn about these subjects, I am weary of a kinship which requires that you are already top notch or has little patience. Rather I am looking for one with cool people who will help me become a better player and a contributing member to their kinship. I am interested in bringing my character to endgame, and would enjoy some good company in that process. I can go either way on RP, it's always fun, but so is just gaming out.

    MMO's I've played: Asheron's Call (back in the day!), FFXI, SWG, WoW. Always as a casual player though.

    Why kinships should be interested in you:
    -I am dedicated to finding and creating an awesome playing experience with some other gamers. I am not possessed of a terrible ego or prone to frustration. Pretty even keel in that sense.
    -I LOVE to game out. For hours. I also like to help, meaning I will craft, farm, dance or anything else I can do to make the experience a better one.
    -I will take advice when given, and offer it when sought.
    -I am a friendly dude. I pretty much like people. Even distant, unknown interwebz people.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for:
    -Casual in the sense of little pressure. I can and will be hardcore IF I know how. If I don't know how and catch flak for it, I won't be having any fun, and then there is zero point in playing.
    -Educational, meaning willing to help me with stats, questions, offer advice on rotations or skills, etc.
    -Full of cool people with cool personalities, or people with something to offer that is more than just the game grind. Talk to me of Tolkein or Star Wars or whatever else, even IRL stuffs! Srsly. Anything is an open forum with me, and it would be cool to find some others like that.

    So to sum up, I would like to find a mature, open kinship which emphasizes fun, cooperation, good gaming and is willing to help a LoTRO semi-n00b get his bearings.

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    RP Kinship

    Character's name and race
    Maegliriel - Elf

    I honestly don't know much about at what age does an elf transits to the next 'stage', as in adolescent to adulthood for example. She's an adult, but a very young one in elven terms.

    Preferred server
    Landroval is the server I'm in.

    GMT(Portugal) I'm capable of staying up till the very early hours of the morning, 2-3 AM tops(9-10pm EST).

    I'm mostly a solo RPer but I will gladly help in dungeons and other events should I be able to do so(time, level, etc.) with the exception of PvP, never been a fan of it. Role-playing is my passion and one of the main reasons why I joined Lotro, although I'm aware of my limited knowledge in Tolkien's lore.

    MMO games you’ve played
    More like which MMO I -didn't- played that came out lately!
    Let's see, all the MMOs I played so far that I can pull from the top of my head... WoW, Aion, Runes of Magic, Allods, Guild Wars 2, Dungeon and Dragons + DnD: Neverwinter, Vindictus, Age of Conan: Unchained, Perfect World, and many, many others but that I didn't really dedicated any serious time with... and yes, I have no life.

    About myself
    Well, for starters I like to help people, its one of the main reasons why I picked a Minstrel as my main.
    As far as my English grammar goes I -know- that I'm not terrible but I try to type fast and sometimes... ok, many times, I press Enter before checking for any misspells. I would use the excuse that I'm not a native speaker but to be honest I've seen plenty of non-native people who write and speak English quite well.
    As far as behavior goes, I like to leave a good impression. Its rare to happen but if some hiccups happen from my part, I'm capable of admitting it and apologizing.

    As I mentioned before, I'm limited in my knowledge on Tolkien's lore but I know enough to get by. Tips are always welcome as I want to make my RP good for myself and others.

    What kind of kinship am I looking for
    I'm looking for a kinship who focus mostly on medium-heavy RP. However, this doesn't excludes other events such as dungeons, crafting and just chatting with people in guild chat or maybe even help their toons OOCly. Another important thing for me is its activity - In the past, I've joined certain guilds in MMOs, only to find them dead during most of the day and bursting with life later at night, right on top of my bed-time. It wasn't thrilling. That being said, I'm aware that people have lives and that my time-zone can be a slight issue.

    I should say that my character is -not- a heroine or military type of sorts, she seeks to lead a simple life... as far as 'simple' goes on Middle-Earth.
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    Lv 51 Hunter

    Looking for an active, dependable Kinship on Nimrodel.

    Will give and expect help when needed.

    Online at random times during 9am-1am GMT.

    PM Arigatou
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    Hi all!

    First, thanks kindly to all the active kinship recruiters who peruse this thread. I appreciate your time in offering us homeless vagabonds a chance at refuge in this (virtual) wilderland.

    Okay, so using the template in the OP...

    Your name, or character name and race (if known):

    Dyjia, Man, Captain, 75
    (I have more alts, but this is my primary)

    Age: 30something

    Preferred server(s), if any.:
    Landroval (only)



    I am 'casual' and pretty much play when whim and time allows. I love social interaction and enjoy the creative endeavors of the community on online games. I can load up Skyrim if I want to solo and be alone, so I definitely prefer a kin who gets together every so often.

    MMO games you’ve played:

    I am an avid Steam gamer and have accounts with several MMOs I visit from time to time. My husband is also a gamer and plays Lotro.

    Why kinships should be interested in you.:

    I am a Lifetime VIP who stopped playing Lotro regularly a couple years ago. I enrolled in a free online course this summer about literature & online games via Coursera, which uses Lotro as a study tool. Figured this would be a great time to jump back into the saddle before my class begins!

    I am a married homemaker currently expecting our first child's arrival in a few months (so hardcore gaming is out the window). I'm happy to buddy up with a *social, casual, family style* kinship and can offer myself as another cool person to hang out with online. I'm open to dabbling in all in-game activities - RP, group/raid, PvMP, crafting, deeding, etc.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for.:

    Smallish/medium sized, family style, very friendly to casual play but not barren of people to chat to, has an event night now and then, has an online presence somewhere (forums/blog/whatever), embraces a variety of in-game activities, and it would be extra cool to be kinned with other mommies and/or multigamers!

    Thanks for checking me out. Please shoot me a PM if I sound like a good fit. Hope you have a great day~
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    Looking for kinship

    Your name, or character name and race (if known):

    Grenaxo, Elft, Rune keeper, 9
    Beeney, Man, champion, 38
    Pickolas, Man, Guardian 53

    Age: 29

    Preferred server(s), if any.: Eldar

    Location.: England so GMT


    I am 'casual'. I love social interaction and enjoy the creative endeavors of the community on online games. Laid back but likes to progress in games aswell

    MMO games you’ve played:

    Star wars old republic since launch have 7 toons at max level 3 fully end game geared
    Lotro played couple years ago hence the level 53 toon but have now resubbed for 12months looking to play lots

    Why kinships should be interested in you.:

    I'm happy to join up with a *social, casual, family style* kinship. I'm open to helping in all in-game activities - RP, group/raid, PvMP, crafting, deeding, etc.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for.:

    family style, very friendly,causal with end game interest. fun people to be around helpfull etc



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    Aug 2011



    LOTRO and I go way back yet I never stuck around due to lack of interest. I think it's because I never had that true feeling of 'kinship' with anyone. There wasn't really anything keeping me here.

    I'm hoping to do a clean start, hopefully with a kinship that helps me get more involved in the world.

    What I'm looking for in a kinship:
    A social friendly place where you can just chat casually, hopefully with some people that are ocassionally willing to party up. I was an avid roleplayer some years ago, but I don't think I have the dedication to do that now. I wouldn't mind light RP though. I have a full-time job, and a busy schedule around that, so I won't be able to play for long or many hours. At best 2 hours on mon/wed evening, and depending on my social life friday and the weekends...

    What I can offer:
    Fun and friendly with casual talk and light RP. Always willing to help out or support others. Just looking for a good time. Other games I play are Dota2 (also team-based) and L4D (shooter, team-based). LOTRO is the only MMO I've consistently played, but I have tried out many others. WoW, Maplestory, Ragnarok and a bunch of others I forgot already.

    Age and location
    I'm 25, female and live in Netherlands, GMT+1. My main play time will be in the evenings, from 20-23~ish on monday/wednesday. Friday if I have no plans and probably more time during the weekends.

    I've convinced a buddy of mine to come play along, his profile fits mine too. So you'll be getting two for the price of one. 8-)

    Hoping there's a fun kinship out there that is willing to take me/us on!

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    Mature, Active, Kid Friendly Guild on Crickhollow


    I use to play but quit for GW2. However, my 10 year old daughter wanted to play so I got back into it. I work from home as a graphic artist so I have free time throughout the day usually. She will play with me in the evenings EST for a couple of hours. I'd like to find a kin that is ok with her age. I limit her chat features in general but would still like something kid friendly.


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    Thumbs up looking for...The Kinship

    Hi everyone,
    I am thinking of a new Kinship.

    in so-called real life (not confirmed by Canon texts): 42

    Preferred server

    Lithuania. Playing (mostly) 18-22 o'clock Lithuanian time on working days; some 15-23 o'clock on holidays...with breaks for some things like eating or taking a bath...

    Mostly - solo player that is still learning how to live in the Lore. One who may ask lots of things, like "which status is better on this weapon?" or "how do I get to Allmighty Chicken if I see no road to it?". Never took part in any PvP and not intending to do it. Also, I am not roleplayer: could not write "my 6000 years old family history" like some Tolkien fan wrote in our forums.
    I may require help with regions I feel kind of bad while in: Angmar and Moria and in fellowship quests.
    Instances, skirmishes: knowledge is very poor and I mostly feel myself lost there.
    Since I am weaponsmith, I would gladly craft any type of weapon I can to anybody in the kin. I also do enjoy situations when I can defend somebody, be it Eregion (had superb time with one Dwarf: he crafted, I protected him) or grumpy Angmar.
    My downside is that sometimes I may feel lost and make too radical decisions like "I will never, never never ever visit ANgmar unless I am lvl.99!". I do dislike Angmar and Moria. Since I am free player, I am limited to purchases I have made (and yes, I do love to make alts).

    MMO games you’ve played
    Runescape, Istaria.

    About myself
    Champion who made female champion clones in Withywindle. One who loves to craft and has few regions (Evendim, Eregion) where I could relax just gathering metal. A person that is not into big challenges: a quest for me is better than a skirmish.Since I live in Lithuania - English is not my native. if I type fast, I can make some typos and mistakes. And I do love writing my experiences in my own blog.

    What kind of kinship am I looking for
    I would prefer little to medium one (having 1500 members of which 100 are online and no one answers simple question is not too good) where every member knows another. I would prefer Kinship that had existed for some time...and not over-expanded (quality over quantity). If joining Kinship requires to do something – I may do it.
    I do hope Kinship would be active in Angmar/Moria regions and be able to help me (as well as others) with fellowship quests or instances there.

    That ends my introduction. Hope somebody will respond...

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    Name: Vaerlyn

    Level, Race, Class: New player only been playing this last week, just subbed am a level 21 minstrel.

    Kin goals: Join a Brandywine raiding kinship (open to raiding Kinships on other servers, have no problems with a reroll)

    Former Kin: N/A

    Server: Brandywin

    Location: Pacific Time Zone, Northern California, USA

    Preferred raiding hours: Early Afternoon is the best, but I can make most anytime work

    Playstyle: Raiding, any size group, solo. I like to group/raid for end-game content.
    My playtime goals are to:
    (1) Have a blast raiding and slaughtering the enemy!
    (2) Meet fellow kin members and raiders.
    (3) Upgrade weapons, armour, jewellry, gear.
    (4) Progress along the Epic LOTRO story line.

    Game History:I just started playing but will likely level through content fairly quickly, just due to the amount I intend on playing

    MMO games played: EQ2, WoW, Swtor, WaR, GW, GW2


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