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    Quote Originally Posted by MayKay View Post
    Hello, I am looking for a kinship.

    My character is a Level 54 Hunter, named Maegh. I myself am 30. I am on Landroval server, in the United States, MT time zone.

    I am still fairly new to this game, so this could all change, but I am pretty casual in my style. I only play on weekends, solo, maybe an hour or so at night during the week, if that (I have two jobs). So far I have been really enjoying following the quest lines, and deeding. I like just walking around. I don't RP -- a little is fine but I'm not very interested in a full-on RP kinship -- just not quite my style. I've only done a few skirmishes and zero raids so I'm not sure what I think about those. Could be fun, I just don't know. I'm more interested in the lore and storyline -- I am a huge Tolkien nerd and this is actually the only game I have ever really played. I am looking for a kinship to quest with me when I get to spots I need a fellowship for (I am also a bit of a completionist) or to help me with the actual playing mechanics (I'm not a gamer so sometimes I just do not know what button to push, what things do, etc). I am looking for nice people who enjoy the lore and storyline more than fighting or leveling or things like that. I come to this game to relax and have fun. I would love to meet some other Tolkien fans with a casual playing style so we could work together on what we all needed to get done to continue our questing. I'd like it to be a mature group of people -- not in age, necessarily, but just in general behavior. I come to this game to relax and have fun, not to deal with any drama or foulness. This is my happy place.
    See PM

    Landroval: Kibilturg (Watchers of Elendil); Taurunion, Erohtar (Taters and Traders)
    Crickhollow: Kibilturg (Tarciryan Knights), Zigilturg (Forever Notorious), Birnavor (The Northern Kingdom), Nuncle (Casual Wanderers)

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    Your name, or character name and race (if known): Elstanphor - Human Cpt, Skegegti - Dwarf Min

    Age: 40

    Server: Crickhollow

    Location: US - Central

    Playstyle: Usually Duo with GF

    MMO games you’ve played: EQ, EQ2, WoW, CoV/CoH, DDO, ESO

    What kind of kinship you are looking for: I have played Lotro off and on since launch. This last break was several years. I usually duo with my GF, but would like to join a small kinship of friendly players to do small group content with. I really do not have any desire to raid at all.

    We were both unable to access our old accounts so are starting over fresh. Both of my characters are early to mid 20's right now.

    Though I have played this game off and on for a long time I am still pretty fresh on most of the group content. I have only run instances up to GA with my highest level toon on a previous account reaching early 50s I think.

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    Experienced player seeking mature European/international kinship with endgame potential

    Name or character name: John

    Age: Over 50

    Location: SE Europe (EEST time zone)

    Playstyle: Solo & group. Experienced end-game raider in various games, without ever becoming obsessive or militaristic about it.

    MMO games you’ve played: Played LOTRO for its first seven years, dropped out when my kinship broke up; rejoined three months ago, now L.115 and almost ready, gear-wise, for the forthcoming raid. Otherwise have played RIFT and ESO intensively at times, currently playing Secret World rather more casually.

    Why kinships should be interested in you: Experienced, serious player, quiet but sociable, looking for gameplay which is entertaining and at times challenging. Have held most positions at different times in various game kinships/cabals/etc., from officer to deputy leader and raid leader, but happy to remain a spear-carrier in an established kinship hierarchy. Dislike online drama of any kind. Happy to switch servers for the right kinship.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for: Looking for a mature, international but largely European membership. Ideally, mixed casual and raiding, meaning both activities available but with no pressure to join. Ideally, friendly and relaxed from a social point of view; for example, it would be nice to be able to run Mordor dailies in company a few days of the week.

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    Name: Ahlli

    Age: late 40s

    Server: Brandywine

    Playstyle: Solo, group, PvE, casual, hardcore, end-game

    Looking for a casual noob/returning player friendly kinship to socialize and do some group content with.
    My playtime is mostly weekdays between 8am - 4pm central time.

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    character name and race: Nasdreth, 58 Elf and Merethil, 11 high elf
    Age: 18
    Preferred server: Crickhollow
    Location (Timezone): EST
    Playstyle: normally i play solo but u wanted to play with at least one friend till end-game

    i wanted a new group of people to play with. just looking for a friendly kinship that is pretty laid back but active.

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    Looking for kin

    Your name, or character name and race:
    Seamuil, Elf, Runekeeper (fire), lvl 84, VIP account. NO ALTS


    Preferred server(s), if any.:

    Czech, CET time zone (server +6)

    group, PvE, RAIDs, semi-hardcore, crafter

    MMO games you’ve played:
    Those few most significant ones: Dark Age of Camelot (RR8 Paladin), EvE online, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars 2. Tried others, liked DAoC and EvE the most (if I don't count LOTRO).

    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?:
    I am quite an active player (usual times 3-6pm server time, close to daily basis), occasionaly can manage 2pm but needs to be planned ahead and about twice a month tops (putting asleep baby boy at that time normally). I can offer decent activity both on kin chat as well as organising events (fellowships etc.). Ofc, participating in as many as possible.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for.:
    Active kinship that focuses on playing together in fellowships or raid grps. I have the opinion of MMORPG is supposed to be multi-player rather than massive singleplayer with embedded chat function. Being quite an old MMO player (about 15yrs experience), most of that time belonging to semi-elitist guild I wouldn't mind continuing in that direction (tried very casual kin in LOTRO, but in the end figured out that's not going to work, old dog won't learn new tricks so to speak). I don't alt (or rather, only reason I'd ever roll an alt would be to learn other characters mechanics to improve my teamplay). Currently my fire RK is lvl 84, slowly climbing up to the top (entered eastern Rohan recently). My aim is to visit all locations, do all quest, raids and deeds and in the endgame max out my character (best drops, best ash equipment etc.).

    If there are any such kins, that would be interested, please send me a pm here or ingame, preferably with a description of how your kin works to figure out whether I am compatible or can manage schedule wise.


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    Looking for a Laurelin Raiding Alliance

    Experienced Hunter, geared, looking for a Raiding Alliance in Laurelin.

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    Looking for Kinship

    ge: Over 35
    Preferred server(s): Doesn't really matter. I have a few low level chars on Gladden.
    Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.): Central Timezone, Southern US
    Playstyle: I like group play and want to raid.
    MMO games you’ve played: WoW
    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: I'm smart and a team player.
    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters): casual raiding (lots of other responsibilities)


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