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    I came back a few days ago after a ~5 year break- from Vilya server- and have jumped in Crickhollow. If any Kin from Vilya Southern Comfort are still around, I'd love to know.


    I am currently on crickhollow server. I am old enough to have watched the first moon landing, barely

    I am east coast USA atm, my hours can be a little weird.

    I am a fairly veteran MMO player, mostly PvP like DaoC, World of Tanks, World of warships. I have been in some very competitive clans/teams

    Why PVE and lotro for me? a lot more relaxing at times then PvP. I love Tolkein since a teen. Farmer Giles of ham is one of my all time favorites to read to the kids. Named several pets 'bombadil' going back to the 80's.

    My preferred style of play? Not crazy serious, but not head in the sand either. I want to understand the mechanics, play smart, but have fun.

    Kinships looking for players that can be competent, follow caller directions and be team players would probably find me a fit

    I prefer an active kinship with above average to large population that HAS Teamspeak ( or possibly discord...)

    feel free to mail/msg me in game as Bullvye-1, Delothus or Romandacil, or through this board.

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    Name: Real name: Matt In-game names: Rinxy - Brandywine or Apexi - Brandywine (Willing to transfer)

    Age: 28

    Location: USA - EST timezone.

    MMOs you’ve played: Rift, WoW, FFXIV

    Why Kinships should be interested in you: I'm a skilled player, reliable raider, and can take constructive criticism well. Very vocal in Discord/Teamspeak, play multiple roles fluently, and love helping others in my downtime. Multiple World and US firsts in many different MMOs. Some notable achievements include:

    World of Warcraft:
    US 2nd Mu'ru
    US 3rd Kil'Jaeden
    US 1st Yogg-Saron 0 Keepers 25 man
    US 1st Heroic Lich King 25 man
    (Character name: Mtx/Mtxd/etc)

    World 1st Turn 6,7,8,9 Savage Mode (Full completion)
    (Character name: Rab Astrasza)

    US 1st Warmaster Galenir
    World 1st Plutonus
    World 1st Ember Conclave
    World 1st Akylios - Original Hammerknell
    (Character name: Rallyd)

    I was in Premonition on Sen'jin in WoW, and stay small Nerds and Voodoo in Rift. FFXIV I was in Collision on Gilgamesh for turns 1-9. If you need any validation I can provide proof of such achievements by logging into the characters or providing screenshots of myself in raid.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for: Definitely a raiding Kinship. Would prefer to be fairly active outside of raid hours, but not a deal breaker.

    About me: Okay with the "epeen" stuff out of the way. I'm a very chill guy. Not being flashy, just stating my intentions and history.
    I was in the Army as a 68W M6 in the 1st Ranger Battalion from 2007-2014. I deployed to Afghanistan twice. Both times were FOB Salerno and COP Sabari. I ended up getting attached to a Field Artillery Regiment in Fort Richardson Alaska (2/377 PFAR).
    I absolutely love LOTR lore and history. I've played this game off and on since 2007. I raided Rift back in the day with Hammerfist Clan.
    Originally from Towson, MD.. but moved to Delaware after the military.
    Huge car enthusiast.
    I'm currently a nurse at the VA, trying to help other veterans returning home transition to the civilian life easier than I did.
    I understand the raiding scene isn't as big as other MMOs, I'm not looking for that anymore. I came back to finally settle, kill some bosses, and meet new friends along the way. Nothing but good times. Hoping to advance into Mordor with some of you. Thanks for reading!
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    New player [Laurelin] Looking for Kinship

    Hey kinship recruiters,

    I recently started playing this game and I found I like it much more than I expected. I chose not to work this summer to unwind from my studies, but those rainy days keep me indoors and I needed something to do, hehe. I was surprised by how immersed I was in this game. I haven’t been so immersed in an mmo since the bygone years of WoW (still loving and playing it though). So I decided to give this game a proper chance and play with other people that like LOTRO. What better way than with a kinship?

    Your name, or character name and race (if known): I made all classes, played a elimination game with them and found I have the most fun playing my Gondorian Guardian Gohebor (alliteration ).

    Age: (some kinships have real life age limits): I’m 28 years old. I’m used to game with people that can have fun in a mature way, which I have found is not limited by age. I’m however understanding and acceptant of a guild not accepting minors.

    Preferred server(s), if any. (This is not needed, just for kinship info.): As stated in the subject, I play on Laurelin [EN – RP].

    Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.): I live in the Netherlands (GMT+1; +2 in summer). ATM I mostly play during afternoons, but don’t mind playing in the evenings if there is something up and I’m not otherwise engaged. If I stick to this game in September and beyond, I will be playing in the evenings and the weekends.

    Playstyle. (Solo, group, PvE, PvP, RAIDs, casual, hardcore, end-game, RP, no RP, time limited, crafter, “I don’t know, I’m new to this kind of game”, etc.): I’m currently levelling and enjoying the world, but I like to set aside some time to do some casual PVE content or join in on a RP event.

    MMO games you’ve played: I have played many MMO’s, but I will list the most relevant. I play WoW; I’m up-to-date with the story of Secret World Legends and will probably return for future story content; I used to be up-to-date with the SWTOR story, I want to get back there, but there is always something keeping me.

    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: Does anyone feel this question is posed at competitive players? Well, I’m not. Please invite all the others that seem to fit your kinship. There are some things that might help picking me though: I’m friendly and helpful, though I’m probably more in need of help than able to offer it right now, I’m afraid.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters): I’m looking for a community, not an extra world chat. A social, relaxed and helpful bunch of people that are serious about their kinship, which is partly seen in size (small nor huge), structure, forums/website and a discord server or something similar. Although I’m looking a for a kinship to do casual PVE content with and enjoy some casual RP with, I don’t mind if those are their side activities.

    On your PM, please be so kind to provide your forums or website.

    Kind Regards,


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    Hello All,

    Im Rammi and Im looking for a Kinship on brandywine. Im a returning player having played during beta and up until lothlorien was release. Its been 5 years since I have played.

    Im an avid game originally from the UK but now living in Austin, TX. I Prefer to play PVE content on lotro so Solo, dungeons, raids, crafting etc. Not massively into PvMP. To answer the questions:

    age: 32

    location: USA, CST. I play mostly at night weekdays.

    playstyle: I have been playing solo, but I want to try some group and roleplay.

    MMO games you've played: SW:Galaxies, Rift, ESO, SWTOR.

    why kinships should be interested in you: Easy going person who likes to chat in game. I like to complete things but im not bothered if we fail as long as we have fun along the way.

    what kind of kinship you are looking for: A group of folks who chat, willing to help and guide as alot has changed since i last player and a group are are active.

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    looking for a Malaysian kinship

    name: lagubella

    server Landroval

    not acrafter

    dont know much about this game yet, still learning bout stuff.

    play time P.M servertime

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    Join Date
    Apr 2007
    Your name, or character name and race (if known): Tyranis - Man
    Age: 37
    Server: Arkenstone
    Location: PST
    Playstyle: I use to raid with Defenders of the Grey Flood but now back looking for a new Kin. I also like to PvP on occasions. I am a healer at heart, and my main going into Mordor expansion will be Minstrel. I also have a Captain that I play from time to time.
    MMO games you’ve played: All big title MMO's since Guild Wars, World of Warcraft
    Why kinships should be interested in you. In other words, why choose you and not another player. What do you offer kinships?: I offer a great many things including, companionship, commitment, integrity, selfless service to other kin members.

    What kind of kinship you are looking for. (This one is very important for recruiters): At this point in my life, I am looking for a semi-hardcore Kinship that likes to Raid at specific times but not hard hardcore. I guess in between Casual-Hardcore.

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    Server undecided untill kinship offer recieved.
    Age: 29
    Preferred server(s) any server i get a kinship invite from.
    Location. GMT
    Playstyle. Solo, Group, Roleplay Social.
    MMO games you’ve played: WOW, AOC, L2.
    I'm looking for a Kinship that is easy going but also like to roleplay, can really create a realistic atmosphere ingame would be ideal.

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    Returning Players LFKinship

    Hello all,

    Name: Stormsky
    Server: Gladden
    Age: 49
    Location: Outside Dallas Texas
    Playstyle: Casual/Social
    MMO's i've played before: Pretty much all, a few are WoW, Daoc, Ultima Online, Everquest, Rift, Aion, etc.
    Why pick me?: I'm loyal and trustworthy, committed. My attitude is awesome and I'm fun to be around. I like to help out where I can.
    What I'm looking for: Close knit medium sized kin, I don't want to join one that have 1000 members. Prefer voice chat, discord or teamspeak, ventrilo etc. Helpful folks.

    Thank you for reading.


    Glorificus - Kin Mistress
    Alts Include: Sherea, Daeynaries, Keneddy.

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    Hello everybody,

    Name: Mildalion
    Server: Gladden
    Age: 18
    Location: Central Time Zone
    Playstyle: I've always been kind of a solo player but I'm looking for a kin to run some occasional instances/quest with.
    MMO's before LotRO: I've grown up on WoW and have lots of experience with that. Not much else.
    I am pretty new to this game and I would love to learn more about it, I am very laid back and mature, and helpful when I am able.
    I'm looking for a close knit friendly kin that I can learn the ropes of the game with and have a good time too.



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    Join Date
    Aug 2017
    Your name: Martini (I have multiple characters)
    Age: 27
    Preferred server: Brandywine
    Location: Canada, CST
    Playstyle: PvE, Crafting, Groups/Raids
    MMO games you’ve played: WoW, Rift, GW2, SWTOR, Aion, FFXIV, etc etc
    Why kinships should be interested in you?: I get along with everyone and am helpful, social, active, and fun. (Or so I think). I love grouping up with guildies, or just hanging out and relaxing while playing the game.
    What kind of kinship you are looking for?: I hope to find a guild that is active, friendly and welcoming of new comers, as I'm still new to LOTRO. Please feel free to PM me ^_^
    Martiini - Rune-keeper | Adventuryne - Hunter

    Twitch | Twitter

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    Name: Sierota
    Age: 35
    Preferred server: Crickhollow
    Location: USA/EST
    Playstyle: Light RP/Raiding
    MMO games you’ve played: GW2/Rift/LOTRO/Neverwinter/FFIX
    Why kinships should be interested in you?: I am currently coming up on my 7th year playing LOTRO. I am a brand new Hunter/Explorer Level 26. I also have a level 96 Captain that I'm thinking of transferring to Crickhollow. That character, along with my Level 34 Minstrel are on the Brandywine server. I enjoy Crickhollow, though.
    What kind of kinship you are looking for?: Any. I like to relax and get lost in the game while enjoying the company of my Kinmates.

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    Apr 2016
    Looking for raiding/T2 Kinship that works hard on character progression.
    Your name: Private (not posting it on public forum) - will provide to those who PM Me
    Age: 41
    Preferred server: Laurelin, but willing to transfer all high level characters/crafters for the kinship
    Location: Ireland (UK GM Timezone)
    Playstyle: Raiding, T2 Instance, Min/Maxer
    MMO games you’ve played: WoW
    Why kinships should be interested in you?: I work hard to get my characters stats correct and have the best gear I can get. I try to play my character to the best of my ability and I love to raid and do challenging instance. I will help out others when I am free. I have no problems using voice chat. I am social and love playing MMOs.
    What kind of kinship you are looking for?: English Speaking; GMT or CET timezone; A kinship that has enough decent players to put a raid team together that can clear T1 raids and a least make a decent effort at T2. One that uses voice chat when raiding or doing instance, and has a mature (18 Years + player base).

    Currently I have a hunter in full 326/328 gear from Mordor ready to start on new instances (main blue line) and I also play an RK at a high level which I am currently gearing. Other high level characters (currently being worked on) are warden and champion. I have all professions at doomfield level accross my alts so I am self sufficient.

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    Your name: Jonnen Pepperseed, man of Bree
    Age: 33
    Preferred server: Laurelin
    Location: Florida, Eastern Time - primarily play most days for a bit either 4-6pm and/or 7-9pm EST
    Playstyle: Solo, group, PvE, casual, RP, time limited, crafter
    MMO games you’ve played: Lotro off and on, just resubscribed. Eve for 11 years now. ESO, STO
    Why kinships should be interested in you: I'm happy to lend a hand in pve, and can farm mats and craft to support kinmates. Primarily, as I am seeking a semi-casual, RP guild, I can offer engaging and entertaining in character RP in a mature manner (smaller, interpersonal character-based stuff, not munchy cheesy campy stuff).
    What kind of kinship you are looking for: RP-focused. Somewhere in between way too casual and much too serious. I am an Eve online lifer, and the playerbase average is older than my 33 years - I'm used to playing with adults and would prefer a kin with a minimum age limit - sorry, no kids please.

    Laurelin Archives character link: http://laurelinarchives.org/profile/16844

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    Hello friends. I am looking for an active kinship on Brandywine. I played 9 years ago when Moria came out. I had a max level character then, but I am starting over and playing a Minstrel from level 1.

    I am looking for a somewhat casual kinship that also likes to run some end game content as well. Hoping to find a good match. Here is some info on me:

    42 year old professional, play casually a few hours a night and some daytime when I can.
    Have played MMO's my whole life, probably played them all.
    Lead guilds before but doubt I will have the time to do that again in the future.
    Playing a Minstrel, at least that is the plan.

    Character name on Brandywine is Breahh

    Hoping to find a good fit



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