Your name, or character name and race : Willing to play any race any class. Currently Tiniwen (Elf Hunter on Arkenstone)

Age: 31

Preferred server(s), if any: Currently on Arkenstone. Willing to move for the right Kinship.

Location: USA, MA (EST)

Playstyle: Moderate player, heavy crafter. Past officer. Prefer non-raid family style group.

MMO games you’ve played: FFXI (to endgame), EQII (to endgame), WoW (just listing current MMOs)

Why kinships should be interested in you.
I play generally 2-3 hours on weeknights and more on weekends. Currently scoping out website options if a kinship needs a fast webpage setup. Ideally would like to work up to officer status. I am not looking for raid craziness, i had my fill of that in FFXI. I would like to casually level with some new friends and help each other over hurdles. EDIT:: I have played in very RP heavy guilds before and enjoy it.

contact info:
Please PM me through my forum name if you are interested.

Goodluck to all the new kinships forming on the newer servers.