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    Returning/New/Starting Over Players - Landroval Kinship

    Are you looking for a kinship? If the following applies to you, then The Kin that Says Nii might be for you!

    -Just coming back after a few years.
    -New to the game altogether.
    -Looking to rerun or run for the first time some of the earlier content.
    -Looking for people to help you level and get caught up.
    -Looking for someone to craft you junk!
    -Ever been bitten by a moose.. or llama...
    -Just looking for some humorous folks to play with.
    -Feeling abandoned by your former kinmates who left to go play some other games.

    Then you should give us a shout. We use Teamspeak or in-game chat or you can just type ugh in chat or say nothing or try the wonderful telephone system. We have zero demands on your time and you can get all the benefits of being in a kin with zero commitments.

    Order today and get not one invite, but two, three, four, or however more alts you have!

    Message anyone listed below for your invite TODAY!!!!

    But wait... There's more... Join today and get a set of lovely jewelry and mani interesting furry animals for your character today(so long as that character is not beyond level 65).

    Warning.. Potential side effects are side-splitting laughter, having too much fun in instances and potentially following the leader off many bridges. We strongly urge you to not drink from the green Carn Dum water, but if you must we will have someone on-hand to rez you, or not, but the walk back to where you died should not be too perilous. A moose once bit my sister. We do mandate that when you see Madpops come online, that you get out your mightiest slingshot and project many insults at him. Purchase not required unless you do not have any of the expansions in which case you will not be able to do certain content, but don't worry, we have a few people who have not yet purchased said expansions are waiting for the Quad Pack sale which is not happening soon enough for some. This deal is valid in 49 of the 50 states and subject to approval by a very specific and thorough evaluation process which basically just asks if you are breathing and if swear words bother you because Madpops swears like a drunk Irish sailor. Not that we think all Irish can sail. Many of them might not be able to swim so sailing would probably not be something they would want to do, but who knows? Anyhoo join the Kin that Says Nii today! **takes deep breath** Sorry Minnesota!

    Wi not trei a holiday in Sweeden this yer?
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    Pinched - Burglar - Founding member of the Kin that Says Nii on Landroval.

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    Pinched - Burglar - Founding member of the Kin that Says Nii on Landroval.

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    nice post!

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    We are still growing and have a steady 6-8 people and looking for more. If you are looking for a helpful kin, especially those new to the game and wanting to learn or even if you have a mid level character you are not really doing anything with in another kin, come on over! We like to have fun and make this an enjoyable experience without any demands or drama.

    Send me a tell in-game.

    Pinched - Burglar - Founding member of the Kin that Says Nii on Landroval.

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    I'm coming back to the game after a very extended absence, I may look you guys up

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    I am also returning. I played a lot the first couple of years, then to be honest once the game went f2p and grouping was no longer the norm I quit out of boredom. I am a grouping game person. Half the fun for me is playing with other people, and working together to do things you cannot do alone. My favorite MMO ever is old-school Everquest, and all of the early versions of the Golden Age MMOs before they got screwed up on easy-mode (old DAoC, LOTRO, CoH, etc).

    I have these chars already on Landroval, but I would roll a new one if people are starting over. I prefer minstrel since I have played that the most before quitting.

    Andrac, 53 Hobbit Minstrel
    Diomir, 24 Human Burglar
    Dionydis, 63 Elf minstrel

    What time zone are most of you in, or which one is your "official" time zone and what days/tiome ranges do you tend to play? I am PST in Seattle btw.

    What level are you capped at currently (as of May 19, 2017)?

    Are you using Stone of Tortoise in a concerted way to stop at certain level ranges (or at least each expansion end-game level) to do all the content at-level?
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