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    Shock and Awe Raiding Kinship


    Hello Everyone.

    Formed originally on Brandywine in 2012, Shock and Awe has recently moved to Gladden.

    The kin has the same group of original players since the day it was formed due to our success in content and the fun we have had abroad. Although we have a smaller population of 12-16 active players over the years that number has remained constant and we are active enough you will always find a group without the need to look in world chat. There are no cliques or drama in our kin due to our size, communication and skill level. You will be grouping with the same people, always talking with them and you expect every player to be able to play well and think independently.


    A little bit about me. I've been playing the game since SoA and have one max level/geared character of every class. I have led countless moors raids on my journey to rank 15 (before they introduced renown buffs) and every end game instance/raid released to date. I've done pretty much anything there is to do in this game in terms of soloing instances, under manning, doing raids without tanks, instances without healers, speed races, highest parses, 1v1s you name it. I am quite blunt and will provide opinions and constructive criticism when needed however on the flipside you will be find I am amiable and yes - Canadian.

    End Game Content

    Shock and Awe is comprised of experienced raiders with a goal to complete end game content when released in a competitive manner. Safe and mediocre is not us. We are bold and confident players that enjoy our own unique style of playing maximizing the value of our class and gear of our character. Our kin strives for excellence in everything we do and if someone does something well our goal is to blow them out of the water. Here is a video of us in the new raid doing Unbroken One T2C on our title clear night. I was playing an alt


    We have numerous rank 15 players in our kin. We solo, small group or raid depending on what is out. We are active on both sides however due to our pve focus Freepside remains our most played side.

    We are recruiting

    For the first time since 2012 we are publicly recruiting new players in the hope to find a couple experienced players and meet new blood. Our primary focus at this time is 18.2 and the new upcoming raid. If you are on Gladden and interested please send a mail to Yelk in game or if you are on another world and willing to transfer feel free to PM whichever is more convenient.
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    I am looking for a main LM to run Throne T2C full clear on our main raid nights.

    PM me or mail in game to Yelk on Gladden.
    Yelk, Hunter| Rank 15 | Gladden | Leader of Shock and Awe
    Original Challenger of Saruman
    Original Challenger of Gothmog



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