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    Looking for Casual Endgame Kin

    Been a long time since I've posted anything on the forums but thats what happens when you forget your forum account and take an extended break.

    Hi! I am looking for a new kin to have fun with. My last two fell apart and this time I'm choosing my own path. I am in GMT -5 (EST) timezone. I would like to raid as much as time permits without having to attend everything.

    A little about me:

    Varsuvius , 65 Runekeeper
    120 Rad, Experienced Healer and Nuker, Good at utility, I know my class,Well traited to suit my playstyle...and just genuinely a handsome devil. I don't Pvmp too often but am currently Rank 4.

    I have done lots of pick up groups so chances are we've at least run into each other at some point.

    The next time you need a good Runekeeper, remember:

    Dial V for Varsuvius !

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    Re: Looking for Casual Endgame Kin

    Give The Family a chance. Look for me, Medical, Melnordan, Fealwyn or Retandluvnit and give us a shout. We're real casual, but we have a great depth of experience in the end game content, and some of us have an encyclopedic knowledge of LOTRO's intricacies. Great resources, great people. That's why we're the Family!

    [I]"He knows not to what end he rides; yet if he knew, he would still go on."[/I]

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    Re: Looking for Casual Endgame Kin


    I would like to extend an invitation to try Friends of Frodo, if you are interested please post on our forums or contact any FoF member to have them put you in touch with an officer.


    Look forward to seeing you in game
    Vilya ~ Magentica (100)~ Fellannie Cryme (77) ~ Santie CLaws (76) ~ Dimenchia Forgets (66)~ Cylaynna (83) ~Blackforest Riders (65)~ Dandee Lyons (65) ~ Flirtacia Valentine (65) ~Aduck Waddles (27)~Evilmag

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    Re: Looking for Casual Endgame Kin

    I'll second that....you can't go wrong with Friends of Frodo.



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