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    Buff/Debuff Locations

    Is there a way to move AND resize the buffs/debuffs that you have? The icons are ridiculously tiny on my screen... The problem is that the main vitals window size is fine. I don't really want to make that any larger.

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    Re: Buff/Debuff Locations

    Nope. They are fixed pixel size. Their location is hard coded. Your options are out of game:

    1) Lean into the monitor
    2) Get a bigger monitor. Not change the resolution
    3) Lower the resolution. The icons get bigger.
    4) Get magnifying glasses.

    Or some combination of all four.
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    Re: Buff/Debuff Locations

    I'm on a 42" monitor... I don't think I need to go any bigger. I'm running at 1920x1080 res though (Native resolution) and I'm not gonna lower it.

    That really sucks. I might have to deal with a generally larger vitality window I guess. Those icons just seem generally small compared to the rest of the UI.

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    Re: Buff/Debuff Locations

    I've always wanted to either be able to scale those independent of the vitals, or move the debuffs to a new location in the UI.



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