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    the defence of house brumbar

    in evindem... i'm supposed to help a ranger fight off multiple waves of little wimpy goblins, but they keep eating him alive way before i can get through them all. what's the best strategy for this? i try to attack as many as possible (with shouts as well) to draw them all to me but it never helps, he gets killed every time.

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    Re: the defence of house brumbar

    You don't list your class or level, but this quest is harder for some classes than others, and tough if it is yellow or orange. If you can heal, try setting up target forwarding in your options panel, and target through the ranger, so you can keep him healed as you fight. Of course, you can always ask for help using lff, or come back to it after you have gained a level or two.
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    Re: the defence of house brumbar

    This was a tough one the first couple of times I tried it solo. In fact if you did try to do it under level it was very difficult. But if you can get one more toon to fight with you it will make it doable.

    I also think those little guys act like they are enraged, which means they attack everyone randomly. Aggro skills do not work that will with them. My main is a tank so killing lots of things quickly is not a strong suit, so you need to aggro everything. But these guys do not like aggro. :P
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    Re: the defence of house brumbar

    This is champion quest. Other classes like hunters, burglars and guardians have a terrible time.

    There is only one solution. AOE DPS them down. You can not draw aggro on a Boggart. They have no hate list.

    I had to so this quest with buddies. Only my champion could solo it.
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    Re: the defence of house brumbar

    Quote Originally Posted by Yula_the_Mighty View Post
    You can not draw aggro on a Boggart. They have no hate list.
    This is true, but they do attack the first guy they see. I personally make sure I'm far in front for when they come so the first hits fall on me. First Wave comes from NE and SE If you stand North you can catch them both. 2nd wave is harder, it comes from E and NW. I try to catch East and then double back to NW.

    I've soloed it on a warden a Burg a captain and a champion. Burg was the hardest.



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