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    Kins furnishing the Kin house

    My Kinship enabled us Kinsmen to furnish the Kins house. <<< Tongue twister?

    It was really empty and they asked us to furnish it. SO I spent hours and a lot of my money and ALL my trophies to place them inside and brighten the place up. Today I even got a buyout price for a Breakfast table for the Special Furniture spot.

    I was told you can get back your items and there is no way for someone to take your items that you place in the Kinhouse.

    But then today when I went back to continue furnishing the house, they disabled Kin decorating and took down a lot of my trophies.

    I'm going to ask for my stuff back of coarse, but if they don't decide to return the items, do they keep all of it including those still in the kin house?

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    Re: Kins furnishing the Kin house

    If an item is bound to you, there's no way they can keep it. What would happen when they removed it from the slot is that it would go to your escrow account. Now if it isn't bound and they won't give it back, I'm afraid you're probably out a lot of money.
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    Re: Kins furnishing the Kin house

    If the item is not bound (ie., a quest trophy or rep reward), anyone could have taken it. Now that decorating is locked to you, the items are theirs until the kin decides to unlock or give it back. Be patient in talking with the kin leaders and good luck getting your stuff back. If not, they don't sound like very considerate folks and you may want to go elsewhere.

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    Re: Kins furnishing the Kin house

    It may be that they locked the decorating to prevent others from taking all of the stuff that you put in to it and just have a stockpile somewhere. Just like when you don't give access to kin chests until you know that the stuff won't disappear b/c you recruited a gold farmer.

    I know this from personal experience - I overeagerly promoted a new recruit and the kin lost a couple gold in stuff. Luckily, we never keep the hard to get items in chests.

    Like it was mentioned before - just talk to the officers and maybe ask if they can add you personally for decorating if you want to do it as well. Since you were so diligent in furnishing it in the first place, they might give you that permission.
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    Re: Kins furnishing the Kin house

    Welcome to the wonderful world of LOTRO housing with the added feature of decorating a Kin Hall.

    I had the same thing happen to me a few years back, helped found a kin with some friends, over time the kin grew somewhat.
    I personally spent several gold on decorating and time in crafting nearly 99% of everything that was placed in the house.
    I was kinda proud of it and so were the original friends.

    Kin grew, players came and went, I popped in one day after time went by a bit only to find that "someone" didn't like my decorating style and removed ~75% of my decorations. No one would fess up as to who did it, but it was one of the ~12 or so players who had said access.

    Didn't even have the decency to at least place them back in the chests.

    I was pretty sure I knew exactly who it was, "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much" came into play heavily here.

    I even still have screenies of MY crafted items in THEIR house (I never sold my crafted decorations), hilarity ensued when I was tagged as the "thief" by the same person when I then chose to scrap it all and remove the last 25% of the items I bought.

    Few weeks after that, the same player left the Kin.

    Moral of the tale, don't trust anyone when it comes to permissions available to anyone besides yourself. Even then, get a receipt. :P
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    Re: Kins furnishing the Kin house

    Unfortunately, the only sound way to decorate a kin house, is to delegate the decorating to one person, or a group of officers. Long before the kin I founded disbanded, we were a rather small band of 150 or so toons (mostly alts), with the odd person coming or going. Due to the rather small size of the kin, we opened up all chests and decorating to member+, thinking that people would be reasonable with the permissions given them, and that a new recruit never hit member for at least 2 weeks.

    Then one day, I headed over to the kin hall, which I paid for completely (except upkeep which my officers kept beating me to), and low and behold, the house was practically empty. All the crafted furniture, most of which I had crafted, was gone, EVERYTHING, down to the last copper ingot was gone from the chests, the walls were stripped bare of paint and texture.

    Morale of the story, if you care about your kinhouse, understand why its only officers, or select officers, that have permission to decorate.



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