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    Verity Tyne Has Lost Her...Mind?


    I've been a player since the beta, and I recently started a new character on Brandywine.

    For the quest "Verity Tyne Has Lost Her Ring," I bought a glittering copper ring as stated in the quest description; however, when I put it in my inventory, it did not register as an item for the quest. I did some digging online, and (if my memory serves correctly, too) the ring for this quest was originally an amethyst ring.

    Is the quest description now wrong or is the Glittering Copper Ring by default not working for this quest any more?

    Thanks all!

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    Re: Verity Tyne Has Lost Her...Mind?

    Both the quests for Verity and the guy the Forsaken Inn are current broken, and not working as intended, they are addressed in the next patch to be released soon!
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    Re: Verity Tyne Has Lost Her...Mind?

    Much appreciated!

    I did try finding some info on that quest, but in the forums, it yielded only two results well over a year ago.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Verity Tyne Has Lost Her...Mind?

    Seems that Nefi Gemcutter's quest in Thorin's Hall is also broken. However, I submitted a ticket after crafting this item twice, buying and crafting another recipe (the agate necklace suggested in his initial quest info). Within 10 minutes of submission, a GM had come on, traded me for the appropriate item, and I was on my way. It seems the breaking point is with the updated jewelry recipes and their stats.



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